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Optoelectronics and Laser Technology Group (GOTL)

Group head:
Horacio Lamela Rivera, Guillermo Carpintero del Barrio
Group web:
Optoelectronics and Laser Technology Group (GOTL)

Description of activities

This established group is made up of investigators with backgrounds in Physics, Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications. The main area of work is centred on the development of Optoelectronic Systems and the application of Laser Technology in engineering: Telecommunications, Industrial (Electrical and Robotic), Aeronautical, and Civil. The investigation done by the group is differentiated into several applicable lines, which are carried out for and with businesses in the industrial sector other lines of basic or fundamental investigation of mid-term industrial interest.

This group’s scientific-technological activity includes areas such as the development of telemetry systems and 2D and 3D vision for robotics, the development, characterisation and modelling of laterally attached lasers, the development of optical sensors and optoelectronic instrumentation, optical communications, interferometry laser and high speed communications systems..

Lines of research

  • Interferometry laser for the diagnosis of fusion plasma.
  • Experimental design, modelling and characterisation of high-speed (mode-locking) semiconductor laser diodes.
  • Interferometric instrumentation systems with high sensitivity optical fibres for the measurement of vibrations, temperatures and acoustic signals.
  • Design and implementation of transmitters and receivers for optical communications systems.
  • Development of Optoelectronic Neural Networks for vision systems.

Contact email:


  • Ali, Muhsin
  • Carpintero del Barrio, Guillermo
  • César Cuello, Jessica
  • Gallego Cabo, Daniel
  • Guzmán Martínez, Robinson Cruzoe
  • Lamela Rivera, Horacio
  • Lo, Mu Chieh
  • Sánchez Rodas, Miguel
  • Zarzuelo García, Alberto
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