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Electrical energy networks and systems group (REDES)

Group head:
Julio Usaola García, Hortensia Amarís Duarte
Group web:
Electrical energy networks and systems group (REDES)
Commercial datasheet:

Description of activities

The Electrical Energy Networks and Systems Group, REDES, is made up of an established team of industrial engineers, 7 PhDs and 6 doctoral students. They have a long work history, and have carried out studies, diagnoses and predictions, related to the electrical energy market, to the technical and economic aspects of integrating eolic systems into the national energy network, and to the quality of the electricity supply.

Lines of research

  • Quality of the electricity supply
  • Integration of renewable energies in the electrical system and market
  • Electric energy markets
  • Renewable energies

Contact email:


  • Alonso Martínez, Mónica
  • Álvarez Ortega, Carlos
  • Amarís Duarte, Hortensia
  • Angarita Márquez, Jorge
  • Castronouvo, Edgardo
  • Cuadros Murillo, Libia
  • Flórez Rodríguez, Diana Marcela
  • Gallardo Quingatuña, Carlos Fabián
  • García Lobo, Miguel
  • García Vera, Yimy Edisson
  • Jaramillo Duque, Álvaro
  • Ledesma Larrea, Pablo
  • Martínez Crespo, Jorge
  • Montoya Larrahondo, Jaime
  • Moreno López de Saá, Mª Angeles
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  • Petit Suárez, Johann Farith
  • Robles Muñoz, Guillermo
  • Sánchez Rodriguez-Morcillo, Ismael
  • Santos Martín, David
  • Usaola García, Julio
  • Ver menos
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