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Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation Group

Group head:
Manuel Desco Menéndez
Group web:
Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation Group (BiiG)

Description of activities

The research of the Medical Imaging and Instrumentation Group (Biig) of the Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering Dept. of the UC3M is mainly focused on medical imaging, including the development of new technologies, advanced reconstruction and postprocessing algorithms, and their practical application in the fields of CT, Nuclear Imaging, MRI and Optical Tomography. The strong mutidisciplinary character of the group makes it easier a close connection with real clinical and preclinical needs. Collaborations with Hospitals and biomedical research centers facilitate a fast validation of the results achieved, also enabling a fast transfer of results to the industry. Several devices developed have reached a world-wide commercialization.

The group has lead and is leading several excellence collaboration networks in Spain, such as the ‘Molecular and Multimodality Imaging Network’ or the ‘Hospital Technological Innovation Network’, as well as several Industry-Academia large consortia for technology transfer.

The available equipment for molecular imaging (CT, PET, SPECT, CT-PET, MRI, optical fluorescence tomography) constitutes one of the more complete settings at a national scale

Lines of research

  •  Technical support to clinical research
  •  Technological development
  •  Biomedical preclinical research

Contact email:


  • Abella García, Mónica
  • Calle Hernández, Daniel
  • Carmona Cañabate, Susana
  • Carretero Gómez, Laura
  • Casquero Veiga, Marta
  • Cussó Mula, Lorena
  • Desco Menéndez, Manuel
  • Díez Santiago, Esther
  • Felipe Maestre, María de la Jara
  • Fernández Pena, Alberto
  • Francisco López, Alexandra de
  • García Mato, David
  • García Sevilla, Mónica
  • Garrido Huerta, Trajana
  • Gómez de Mariscal, Estíbaliz
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  • Gómez Gaviro, María Victoria
  • Gómez Rangel, Vanessa
  • González Arjona, Mario
  • González Gutiérrez, María Isabel
  • Herrera Esteban, Roberto
  • Macías Gordaliza, Pedro
  • Marcos Vidal, Asier
  • Marcos Vidal, Luis
  • Martín de Blas, Daniel
  • Martínez Álvaro, Alberto
  • Martínez García, Magdalena Teresa
  • Martínez Sánchez, Cristóbal
  • Molina Gómez, Claudia de
  • Moreno Berdón, Patricia
  • Moreno Camacho, Jorge
  • Muñoz Barrutia, Arrate
  • Navas Sánchez, Francisco Javier
  • Ortega Gil, Ana
  • Pascau González-Garzón, Javier
  • Paternina Die, María del Carmen
  • Pérez Benito, David
  • Piol, Alessandro
  • Ripoll Lorenzo, Jorge
  • Rodriguez Casaú, Elena
  • Rolín Ferrer, Daniel
  • Romero Miguel, Luis Diego
  • Sakaltras, Nikolaos
  • Salinas Rodríguez, Beatriz
  • Sierra Palomares, Yolanda
  • Sobrino Gorricho, Gorka
  • Soto Montenegro, María Luisa
  • Suñé Auñón, Alejandro
  • Vaquero López, Juan José
  • Vettenburg, Tom
  • Ver menos
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