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"Lucio Anneo Séneca" Institute of Classical Studies on Society and Politics

Type of institute

Carlos III Institute
Year: 2003


  • Director: María Consuelo Carrasco García
  • Subdirector: Michele Curnis
  • Secretary: Rosa María Carreño Sánchez


To promote classical studies, with special emphasis on ancient political thought and its reception; understand and preserve the legacy of the Ancient Classic Period and become aware of its current relevance. Instituto Séneca stands out thanks to its interdisciplinary work and its passion for spreading and creating  international debate on the results of its research through papers, courses, seminars, conferences and symposiums.

Lines of research

  • Law and State in classical political theory. Plato’s Laws and their influence on history. History of the text and its reception.
  • Law and State in classical political theory: the relationship between the Republic and Plato’s Laws and Aristotle’s Politics.
  • The transference and conservation of classical texts in the current Community of Madrid and European Humanism.
  • A contribution to the history of Spanish humanism though the study of Greek manuscripts by the humanists of Salamanca. Towards the creation of a catalogue of the  Greek manuscripts contained in the Salamanca University Library.
  • Private law in the Ancient period: comparative Greco-Roman law studies.
  • Religion and Politics in the Ancient Period: sacred laws and their reflection on classical Greek society; myths and power in ancient Greece.
  • History of Platonism: middle and New Platonism, influences on Greek literature from the Imperial Hellenistic period; literature from Hellenistic Judaism (Philo of Alexandria); Christianity and late paganism (Nonnus of Panopolis).
  • History of Utopian thought and its Ancient Classic Period roots.

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