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UC3M participates in the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2024 with activities on AI

Thursday 7th of March in Hall 5 of IFEMA


The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is taking part in the 13th Madrid es Ciencia Fair on Thursday 7th of March in Hall 5 of IFEMA. The scientific outreach activities which will be carried out at the UC3M stand aim to show the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in R&D&I and its impact on society, from fields such as aeronautics, biometrics, systems engineering, journalism and robotics, among others.

La UC3M en la Feria de Madrid es Ciencia 2024

Activities at UC3M stand

Two workshops will be held during the morning, between 10 am and 2:30 pm. Firstly, “How do aircraft contrails affect climate change?”, given by Raúl Quibén Figueroa, Bun-Kim San, Manuel Soler Arnedo and Adrián Zarzoso, researchers from the UC3M Aerospace Engineering Department's E-CONTRAIL project (GA101114795). In the proposed experiments, visitors will be able to create a cloud in a pressure bottle and test the thermal behaviour of two atmospheres when irradiated by a heat source.

“Discover the skills of the TIAGo assistive robot” is the title of the other morning activity at the UC3M stand, which will be carried out by Juan G. Víctores and Francisco José Naranjo Campos, researchers from UC3M's Systems Engineering and Automation Department. They will explain how TIAGo works, an assistive robot that combines perception, navigation, manipulation and human interaction skills, which they are using in the Robotics Lab in several lines of current and future AI-related research.

Two other activities will take place in the afternoon, from 3:30 pm to 8 pm. On the one hand, “AI in smartphones for the biometric recognition of hand veins”, in which Raúl García Martín, a researcher from the UC3M Electronic Technology Department's University Group of Identification Technologies (GUTI, in its Spanish acronym), will show the device that has been designed, patented and manufactured at the University to carry out this vascular biometric recognition from any computer, smartphone or tablet through a USB-C port.

In “True Detective: Are you smarter than AI?”, which will be led by Uxía Carral Vilar, a researcher from the UC3M Communication Department's MediaLab group, there will be a race against time to detect disinformation created by AI. To do this, participants will be able to carry out three tests to recognise fake or real news, fake identities on social networks and detect deep fakes (fake AI-generated videos). The challenge will be to do it in less than 5 minutes.

Other UC3M activities at the Madrid es Ciencia Fair

On the same day at 11:30 am at the Science Agora, Sara Correyero, UC3M alumni and co-founder of the startup Ienai Space, will give a lecture entitled “Are we facing a new space race?” on the proliferation of new satellite launches. Their functions are very diverse, from taking photographs of the Earth to analysing the effects of climate change, including space surveillance or Internet access from anywhere in the world, for example.

Throughout the Madrid es Ciencia Fair, from the 7th to the 9th of March from 10 am to 8 pm and at a separate stand, researchers from UC3M's Autonomous Mobility and Perception Lab (AMPL) (Fernando García Fernández, Abdulla Al Kaff, Armando Astudillo Olalla, Sergio Campos Novoa, Fernando Vela Hidalgo, Alberto Gil Cuadrado, Javier Gómez Eguizabal and Martín Palos Lorite) will be presenting their ERIS test vehicle, which they are using to develop computer vision technologies applied to race environments and smart cities.

The Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2024 is an event organised by the madri+d Knowledge Foundation, of the Community of Madrid, which is designed as a comprehensive sample of scientific and technological innovation in the Community of Madrid from a recreational and participatory point of view. In addition, it intends for its own protagonists (researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students...) to show and explain science and its impact on our daily lives. 

More information:

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