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UC3M participates in the creation of the Spanish Society of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine


The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has participated in the creation of the Spanish Society for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Biomedicine (IABiomed, in its Spanish acronym), which seeks to promote research and development in this study area. The challenges they face are access to health data for research purposes, lack of treatments for rare diseases, problems arising from antibiotic resistance, new pandemics, and the improvement of clinical processes, among others.

Sociedad Española de Inteligencia Artificial en Biomedicina

The establishment of IABiomed has involved 42 researchers (57% men and 43% women) from 16 provinces of Spain, who have acted as its founding members. Among these founding partners is the researcher Isabel Segura Bedmar, a Senior Lecturer from UC3M's Computer Science Department, who is also on the current board of directors.

"The society aims to facilitate contact between academics, researchers, professionals and students, as well as all people or entities interested or active in this field, as well as to promote the practice of scientific-technical research in the area," explains Isabel Segura Bedmar.

AI and biomedicine

The area of AI has been experiencing a major revolution in recent years. Recent initiatives such as ChatGPT are helping to make society aware of a field of knowledge that has really existed for decades, IABiomed points out. "In the area of biomedicine in particular, this revolution is leading to thousands of global initiatives in which AI plays an extremely relevant role. At a national level, the area of AI in biomedicine has been developing for years, mainly in academic environments, although today many other stakeholders (especially from the business sector) are already part of this revolution", says the Society.

The scientific-technical objectives of this society include promoting scientific activity collaboration among its members, as well as multidisciplinary research in the area of AI in biomedicine. In addition, IABiomed seeks to promote actions to generate resources in terms of infrastructures or services that are of interest to the stakeholders involved in the area, for training, outreach and research purposes. On the other hand, this company will establish links and synergies with companies and other organisations (public and private) in the sector and will actively participate in technology watch activities in the area.

More information: IABiomed website