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UC3M participates in the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2023

Friday, 24th of March in Hall 5 of IFEMA


The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is taking part in the 12th Madrid es Ciencia Fair on Friday 24th of March in Hall 5 of IFEMA. The scientific outreach activities which will be carried out at the UC3M stand aim to bring together, in an enjoyable way, some of the R&D&I work carried out at the University in different disciplines, such as communication, history, aerospace engineering, telematics engineering and mathematics.

La UC3M participa en la Feria de Madrid es Ciencia 2023

The activities taking place that day from 10 am to 2:30 pm are: “Discover how to carry out open digital archaeology” and “Journey to digital cinema since the 19th century”.

In “Discover how to carry out open digital archaeology”, researchers from UC3M’s Humanities Department: History, Geography and Art show how they work in the University’s Open Digital Archaeology Laboratory (LADA, in its Spanish acronym), where they carry out citizen science focused on the analysis and digital processing of information related to the Community of Madrid’s archaeological heritage. Those attending will be able to use tools used in this field or learn how to photograph a site or how to process images for research. This outreach activity is part of a project supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT, in its Spanish acronym) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

In the activity “Journey to digital cinema since the 19th century”, lecturers from the TECMERIN (Television-cinema, Memory, Representation and Industry) Research Group from UC3M’s Communications Department, will show how some pre-cinematographic inventions work and their technical evolution up to now. The aim is to reflect on the social use of technology in relation to moving images, whose individual consumption was already present in the origins of cinema. This outreach activity is part of two R+D+I projects: “Cinema and television in Spain in the era of digital change and globalisation (1993-2008): identities, consumption and forms of production” (PID2019-106459GB-I00); and “Colonial institutional documentary and amateur cinema: analysis and uses” (PID2021-123567NB-I00).

During the afternoon, from 3:30 pm to 8 pm, two other scientific outreach activities will be held: “Artificial Intelligence in the remote control of a robotic arm” and “Unveiling the secrets of fluid dynamics”.

In “Artificial Intelligence in the remote control of a robotic arm”, researchers from UC3M’s Telematics Engineering Department will allow attendees to wirelessly control a robotic arm with a joystick and test the consequences that certain interferences may have. In addition, they will teach how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help mitigate this interference for smooth robot control. This outreach activity is funded by the Horizon Europe programme in the PREDICT-6G (GA 101095890), Hexa-X-II (GA 101095759) and DESIRE6G (GA 101096466) projects, by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and by Digital Transformation and Next Generation EU funds through the UNICO 5G I+D 6G-EDGEDT and 6G-DATADRIVEN projects.

It will also be possible to participate in “Unveiling the secrets of fluid dynamics” to observe the flow of particles exiting a nozzle (similar in shape to those mounted on aircraft engines). Researchers from UC3M’s Aerospace Engineering Department will explain how this turbulent flow visualisation technique, often used in aerodynamics, works. This outreach activity is part of NEXTFLOW (Next-generation Flow diagnostics for control), an ERC (949085) project funded by the European Commission and the ARTURO (Active Turbulence Control for Sustainable Aeronautical Propulsion) project, funded by the State Research Agency (AEI, in its Spanish acronym) - PID2019-109717RB-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033.

Other UC3M activities at the Madrid es Ciencia Fair

On the same day at the fair’s Science Agora, from 4 pm to 4:20 pm, an interactive and informative talk entitled “Mathemagics with cards and numbers” will be held, given by a lecturer from UC3M’s Mathematics Department. There will be several card “guessing” games with the participation of attendees and, afterwards, the lecturer will explain why each trick works. In all cases, the tricks can be explained through mathematics and, therefore, it is not a question of illusionism and sleight of hand.

On Saturday 25th from 10 am to 8 pm, in a space next to the stand for the madri+d Knowledge Foundation, of the Community of Madrid, the MOTO-MAQLAB-UC3M exhibition will take place. The MOTO-MAQLAB-UC3M team will bring their prototype motorcycle, developed by University students with the support of the Mechanical Engineering Department and the MAQLAB research group. This team is participating in MotoStudent, an international competition in which students from universities around the world design and manufacture a racing bike.

The Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2023 is an event organised by the madri+d Knowledge Foundation, of the Community of Madrid, which is designed as a comprehensive sample of scientific and technological innovation in the Community of Madrid from a recreational and participatory point of view. In addition, it intends for its own protagonists (researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students...) to show and explain science and its impact on our daily lives.

UC3M website about the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2023