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The UC3M is holding the International Day of Women and Girls in Science


On 11th February the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is launching a programme of activities that will go on for three months with the aim of promoting interest in science and technology among girls in secondary school and bachillerato (A-level). Female teachers and researchers from the UC3M who are taking part in this project intend to inform them about their R+D+I work, as well as transfer their professional experience and enthusiasm for science and technology.

La UC3M celebra el Día Internacional de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia

On 11th February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a forum theatre piece on women and science entitled “The girl who dreamed of Maxwell’s equations” will be held in the UC3M’s Auditorium. This piece aims to awaken curiosity for the world of science and make those attending reflect on the reasons for the low number of women in STEM fields. Furthermore, several female scientists from the UC3M will be doing presentations on stage about their research in fields such as tissue bioengineering, robotics and the use of sensor technology.

Later, in the afternoon of Friday 15th February, seven technological workshops aimed at girls in their final year of secondary school and bachillerato (A-Level) will be taught by female lecturers from the University at the School of Engineering on the UC3M Leganés campus. The workshops will cover topics from 3D bioprinting to cybersecurity, as well as the construction of planes, designing apps, the internet of things, micro-robotics and materials technology. The workshops will be extremely practical and participative in nature, with the aim of boosting future scientific and technological vocations among female students.

The University is completing this programme of encouragement of scientific vocations among girls and women with mentoring sessions. Since the last academic year, the UC3M has taken part in the Technovation Challenge, an entrepreneurship and technology programme that aims to inspire girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 18, to bring them closer to innovation and close the current technology gender gap. University students will take part in the project, acting as mentors supporting different teams of girls and young women, working with them to develop an app focused on social areas such as education, equality, the environment, peace, poverty and health. The University, along with Power to Code, will hold the final of the regional Madrid competition on 18th May on its Leganés campus.

As the fourth pillar of this programme of activities encouraging vocations among girls and young women, the university is organising “Shadowing” sessions carried out by female lecturers and researchers from the UC3M. They involve work-experience days with students in their final years of secondary school during which they share their experience with the girls, explaining their research step by step. The girls participating in this programme will also attend an open day in the University’s laboratories. This activity is carried out in collaboration with the Asti Foundation’s STEM Talent girl Programme.

These initiatives of the UC3M to encourage scientific vocations among young women are financed by the Women’s Institute and supported by the UC3M’s Social Council, through its financial aid scheme for actions of commitment to society.

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