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Máster en Creación Teatral

School of Continuing Education

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Prof. D. Juan Mayorga, Profª. Dª. Luz Neira
1 curso académico


Institute of Culture and Technology

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    Taller Teatro con Pepe Viyuela

    The Máster en Creación Teatral of the Carlos III University of Madrid, directed by playwright and stage director Juan Mayorga, proposes a novel structure in the integration of graduate studies in Performing Arts within the academic framework, with an eminently practical guidance and a polyhedral perspective.

    During a course, the student:

    • will participate in various artistic creation workshops conducted by leading professionals in the fields of dramaturgy, stage direction, choreography, interpretation, stage design, lighting, sound, the analysis shows and philosophical thought about the fact scenic.
    • will participate in talks with directors of theaters, festivals, art centers, museums and cultural programs, producing shows, intellectual property specialists ...
    • will attend performances at various scenic areas of Madrid.

    develop a theater project (TFM).

    The Máster en Creación Teatral is aimed at performing arts professionals and graduates or graduates who wish to develop their skills in the middle of the performing arts.

    It has also designed the Título de Experto en Creación Teatral aimed at porfesionales for the Performing Arts.





    (*) The 2018-2019 edition has been developed according to the following schedule. The 2019-2020 edition of will be published next September. If a teacher, due to unforeseen circumstances had to be replaced during the course, it would be another of the same specialty.


    Workshop Form Spectacle (10 credits)

    Conceived as a student itinerary axis along the master. From the proposed driver workshop, students will develop personal projects through the analysis will be explored theoretically and practically structural elements of the composition of the show.

    Practice Workshops Scene (32 ECTS)

    He led by specialists, they explore, according to the methodology chosen by the driver, specific problems in the fields of dramaturgy, stage direction, choreography, interpretation, set design, costumes, lighting or sound, providing students tools they can move their personal projects.

    Performance analysis workshop (3 ECTS)

    This module will train students in critical observation of relevant shows, live or recorded, in order to provide them with tools for their artistic training and development of their projects.

    Theater workshops and Contemporary Thought (3 ECTS)

    The module claims the theater as a space for thought as art able to put before the assembled audience questions, controversies and paradoxes. It will mainly encounter with thinkers whose reflection can nourish the contemporary theater.

    Personal Building Project (12 ECTS)

    Each student will develop a personal project within the framework of the proposed Workshop Form of Entertainment. The project may benefit from lessons learned in other workshops and critical dialogue with other participants of the master, and displayed at various stages in its development, viewers invited by the direction of the master or by the students themselves.

    Programa Máster y Experto en Creación Teatral



    • Broncano Rodríguez, Fernando
      (Workshop Theater and Contemporary Thought)
      Department of Humanities, Philosophy and Literature
    • Mayorga, Juan
      (Form Workshop show)
      Stage Director and Director of the Department of Performing Arts


    • Neira Jiménez, Luz
      (Theater Workshop and Contemporary Thought)
      Department of Humanities: History, Geography and Art
      Associate Professor




    External Faculty

    • García Barrientos, José Luis
      (workshop performance analysis)
      Doctor of Philology
    • Manuel Reyes Mate, Manuel
      (Workshop Theater and Contemporary Thought)
    • Cristina Santamarina
      (Theater Workshop and Contemporary Thought)
    • Ignacio Echevarría
      (Theater Workshop and Contemporary Thought)
    • Sonia Arribas
      (Theater Workshop and Contemporary Thought)
    • Viyuela, Pepe
      (Stage Workshop Practice)
    • Remon, Pablo
      (Workshop Performance Practice)
    • Cormannm, Enzo
      (Stage Workshop Practice)
    • Pico, Sol
      (Workshop stage practice)
      Choreographer and dancer

    • Sanchis Sinisterra, José
      (Workshop stage practice)
    • Feijoo, Mateo
      (Workshop Practice stage)
      Stage Manager
    • Blanco, Sergio
      (Performance Practice Workshop)
      Playwright and theater director
    • Gómez Cornejo, Juan
      (Workshop stage practice)
    • Mariano García
      (Performance Practice Workshop)
    • Luna, Álvaro
      (Stage Workshop Practice)
      Designer videoescena; Director of Audiovisual
    • Andújar, Alejandro
      (Workshop stage practice)
      Vesturarista and scenographer
    • Lima, Andrés
      (Workshop practice stage)
      Stage director and actor
    • Ana Zamora
      (Workshop Practice stage)
    • Pablo Messiez
      (Stage Workshop Practice)

    • Tato, Álvaro
      (Workshop stage practice)
      Writer, actor and playwright
    • Matabosch, Joan
      (Professional meetings)
      Art Director
    • Bianco, Daniel
      (Professional meetings)
      set designer and director of Teatro de la Zarzuela
    • Chavarria, Javier
      (Professional meetings)
      Contemporary Artist and performing arts
    • Javier de Dios
      (Professional Meetings)
    • Santiago Ilundáin
      (Professional Meetings)
    • Ignacio García
      (Professional Meetings)
    • Cuerdo, Miguel
      (Professional meetings)
      Actor and theater manager
    • Chabaud, Jaime
      (Professional meetings)
    • Luis Puente
      (Professional Meetings)
    • David Ojeda
      (Professional Meetings)
    • Jaime Nieto
      (Professional Meetings)

      Places available: A maximum of 18

      2 are reserved for The Título de Experto en Creación Teatral

      Application deadline for admission

      Since the opening of the application submission period, the direction of the Master will solve the admission of candidates:

      In a first period, from applications received until 1 April; in a second term if he had vacantes-, with those received until 30 May; and in a third term if he had vacantes-, with those received until 30 September. Subsequently, a reserve is established to cover the losses that might occur until the time of commencement of the master classes.

      Selection process

      The aim of the selection is directed to constitute a heterogeneous group in their formations, backgrounds and experiences. the ability to work in teams is particularly valued.

      Based on the requirements and documentation listed in the previous section, the direction of the Master will evaluate the applications received on time. previous academic training (qualifications, courses, workshops, seminars, etc.), particularly oriented performing arts, as well as their work experience, knowledge of languages ​​and other merits that the candidate may consider relevant are taken into account.

      students are asked whose candidacy depends on a scholarship in their country of origin, should not have obtained the same after a period of two months to be granted pre-admission communicate it to the Secretariat of the Master for give way to an applicant on the waiting list.


      Qualifications required

      They can choose to master:

      • Graduates or graduates in the fields of theater, dance, music and visual arts.
      • Graduates or graduates in humanities or social sciences.
      • Higher degrees of interest or any area with professional experience in the field of performing arts.


      Required documents:

      • Application form
      • Motivation letter

      • Curriculum Vitae summarized

      • 2 letters of recommendation

      • Copy of academic degree if applicable

      • Photocopy of identity card or passport

      The Council of the Master appraise applications pursuant to that documentation. Applicants may be called for a personal interview or through videoconference.

      Upon acceptance of the application, shall be deposited in concept of reservation € 1,000, which will be considered as payment for tuition. If the candidate does not reach formalize their registration, that amount will not be refunded.

      Admission request

      The request is made electronically through our application.:



      School of Graduate Studies
      Office: 18.1.C.02
      Calle Madrid, 135 - 28903-Getafe-Madrid
      Tel.: 91 6245805



      Tasas de matrícula: 7.300 euros

      Reserva de plaza

      Una vez admitida la solicitud, se deberán depositar en concepto de reserva de plaza 1.000 €, que se considerarán como pago a cuenta de la matrícula. En caso de que ésta no llegue a formalizarse, dicha cantidad no será reembolsable.

      Modalidades de pago:

      • Pago único 100% al formalizar la matrícula: 7.300€
      • Tres pagos: 1.000 € de reserva de plaza, 3.150 € con límite de fecha 31 de octubre del año académico de inicio del programa y 3.150 € con límite de fecha 15 de marzo del año académico

      El primer pago constituye la formalización de la matrícula y la consiguiente reserva de plaza. Una vez formalizada la matrícula no será reembolsable.


      La matrícula implica la adscripción efectiva como alumno del Máster en Creación Teatral.

      De la cantidad total de la matricula se detraerá la suma de la cantidad entregada como reserva de plaza.

      Los alumnos se matricularán, obligatoriamente, de todos los créditos correspondientes a su titulación.

      Información adicional

      a) La dirección de correo electrónico que facilita la Universidad al alumno, una vez realizada la matrícula, será utilizada prioritariamente en las comunicaciones con el alumno, por lo que es imprescindible su activación y consulta periódica.

      b) La falta de pago en la fecha establecida supondrá la denegación o anulación de la matrícula en los términos y efectos que la Universidad establezca.


    The purpose of the Máster en Creación Teatral will provide students with fundamental tools for the design and development of personal stage projects in various fields:

    • Dramaturgy
    • Stage management
    • Interpretation
    • Choreography
    • Scenography
    • Video-creation
    • illumination
    • Sound space
    • Locker room
    • Characterization


    The main objectives of the master are

    • Provide students with fundamental tools in various fields -Dramaturgia, Stage Management, Performance, Choreography, set design, lighting, sound, costumes, for the design and development of personal stage projects.
    • Provide training, conducted by important artists active and relevant academics in various fields of theatrical creation ,.
    • Provide access to the theatrical creation of artists from other arts.
    • Promote critical, theoretical and practical dialogue in the performing arts with other arts as well as philosophy and contemporary science.

    Duration and schedules

    One academic year from October to June, with a minimum of 400 hours. 60 ECTS

    Classes will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9:15 am to 14:45 pm, targeting the remaining days to the completion of the proposed work by teachers and staff development Creation Project. Exceptionally, some classes will be taught on a Tuesday or Thursday.

    All students will have to study all subjects.

    Timely assistance to all master classes is mandatory. Truancy to 20% of the activity of the master may involve not obtain the title.


    100% of the grade corresponds to the system of continuous assessment of student participation in the workshops on the work that they are applying for and the development and presentation of Master's Thesis.

    TFM is mandatory for graduation. The presentation of this will take place in June, on the date proposed by the master address. It may be postponed for six months following the end of the master if there is a good reason for the extension.


    Although most of the classes take place in classrooms Teatro Galileo, there will be classes to be held in the Auditorium of the UC3M Leganes and other theater spaces.

    The Master does not have rehearsal rooms.

    Check the UC3M Auditorium throug


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    More information

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