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Ethical Aspects

Cabecera aspectos éticos

UC3M is working on transferring the general principles and demands, both national and European, to its own regulative framework or institutional rules. It will take into account the great variety of legislation, rules and practices that determine the profesional development,  organization and work conditions of careers in R +D. 
For their part, researchers will follow established ethical practices and basic ethical principles in line with their particular discipline, as well as those of national and sector-based Ethical Codes and of the UC3M.

minicabecera action plan 2020-2022

Code of Good Practice

The UC3M Code of Good Practice in Research and Transfer is the document that establishes performance guidelines, recommendations and commitments in order to carry out research activities of the University.  

It is the instrument for self-regulation, which, complementing existing legal norms promotes and guarantees good practice in research activity.

The UC3M Code of Good Practices and Transfer was published on December 18th, 2017 and is in line with the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ALLEA) published by The European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities . This document provides the European Community with work guidelines for self-regulation, drawing upon all scientific and academic disciplines and applicable to all areas of research.


UC3M Ethics Committee

The Regulation of the Research Ethics Committee of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, was adopted on April 27, 2017

Reglamento de Organización y Funcionamiento del Comité de Ética en la Investigación de UC3M

It is aimed at establishing the Ethics Committee’s scope of action, as well as regulating its operations, structures and mechanisms in order to make decisions.

As well as the adoption of the Regulation, the UC3M has stablished a protocol aimed to describe a Report Request Procedure to the Research Ethics Committee, as required by financial entitities in some projects. This will contain a description of the procedures and documents required to present such requests to the Research Ethics Committee.

More information: Ethics Committee

Hosting Researchers

On one hand, different UC3M services are working together to prepare and implement a reception protocol that will define incorporation procedures for researchers invited to our University. This will include practical issues such as the researcher’s arrival as well as topics such as intellectual property, workplace security and institutional and management-related information

On the other hand, a reception plan is also being developed for national and international staff who are linked to UC3M. This will cover the main aspects of the university that a professor/researcher needs to know in order to effectively carry out his or her teaching and research work.  

The reception procedures implemented in our Jniversity are explained in full detail in the Guide for Managing the Movility of Foreign Research Staff in Spain, published  in 2017 by FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology). 

This guide is a collection of the main areas that foreign research staff need to address if they decide to persue part of their career in Spain. It helps resolve doubts, not only for  researchers themselves but also for the host institutions. The document covers subjects such as: the main characteristics of research and a research career in Spain, conditions of entry and residence, recognition of foreign academic degrees, the job market, social security and tax systems, national health and education systems and the EURAXESS  Spain network( which provides support to researchers during periods of mobility).


Hosting Protocol for International Faculty

Hosting Protocol for International Visiting Researchers

Guidelines for the Management of the Mobility of the Foreign Researcher in Spain 2017​

Open Access Institutional Policy

UC3M is committed to an institutional policy of open access in order to secure files in the institutional holdings (eArchivo) of the university’s scientific production and thus comply with the mandate of funding bodies (Horizon 2020 and, in Spain ,article 37 of the Law on Science ,Technology and Innovation).

Training Action: Estrategia de visibilidad de investigadores (Open Science)

A UC3M working group on Open Science, UniOS, has been set up as a support unit for researchers in all Open Science practices, but also as a working group, generating ideas and initiatives to promote open science in the University, especially in the European, national and YERUN context. UniOS is a cross-cutting group involving different University services and researchers.

Acta de constitución del grupo UniOS

Gender quality Plan

Our University’s goal is to achieve gender balance at all staffing levels. To this end, it is based on an equality opportunity policy that begins with recruitment and includes all subsequent career stages, without neglecting criteria of quality and competence.  Both the selection and evaluation committees are composed with an adequate gender balance.

The UC3M II Strategic Equality Plan is focused on the following key performance areas:

  • KPA 1. Awareness, communication and training in equality
  • KPA 2. Access, promotion and  professionla career
  • KPA 3. Reconciliation and co-responsibility
  • KPA 4. Teaching and Research

UC3M Equality Unit

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