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Computer, Communications and Systems Architecture


The Computer, Communications and Systems Architecture Group, ARCOS, is made up of an established team of Information Science PhDs and engineers who are experts in designing and optimising operating systems and in developing telematic and information applications which require distributed management (sharing web resources), a high tolerance for fault (highly secure systems) and a real-time information flow (systems where time is a critical variable).

Lines of research

- Real time systems:

  •  Real time simulation systems in planes and trains
  •  Wireless network sensors
  • Remote monitoring systems

- High performance computing:

  • Scalable massive data management
  • Cloud and grid computing
  • Parallel file systems

- Distributed and parallel systems:

  • High performance data retrieval and transmission system
  • Social network data analysis
  • Peer to peer systems

Contact email:


  • Arévalo Garvayo, José Maximino
  • Bergua Guerra, Borja
  • Bermejo Rodríguez, Guzmán
  • Caino Lores, Silvina
  • Calderón Mateos, Alejandro
  • Carretero Pérez, Jesús
  • Casares Andrés, María Gregoria
  • Cascajo García, Alberto
  • Escolar Díaz, María Soledad
  • Expósito Singh, David
  • Félix Redondo, Fernando
  • Fernández Muñoz, Javier
  • Filgueira Vicente, Rosa
  • García Blas, Francisco Javier
  • García Carballeira, Félix
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  • García Fernández, Alberto
  • García Sánchez, José Daniel
  • Gómez Carrasco, Carlos
  • González Martín, Moises
  • Higuero Alonso-Mardones, Daniel
  • Marinescu, Mª Cristina
  • Nuñez Covarrubias, Alberto
  • Pérez Alonso, Oscar
  • Pérez Lobato, José Manuel
  • Plaza Alonso, Iván
  • Prada Camacho, Laura
  • Reyes Rodríguez, Margarita
  • Rodríguez Canseco, Jorge
  • Saá Álvarez, Rubén
  • Sánchez García, Luis Miguel
  • Serrano López, Estefanía
  • Tirado Martín, Juan Manuel
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