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Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

Group head:
Antonio Cabrales Goitia
Group web:
Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

Lines of research

  • Competition regulations and policies in deregulated sectors (Energy, Telecommunications, Transport): market organization  , investment in capacity, reliability, interaction between the retail and wholesale markets, market power, vertical integration and futures markets
  • Auctions: budget restrictions and auto-financing, public and secret reserve prices
  • Competitive markets: transaction costs, trade flows, imperfect information
  • Social networks: strategic models for forming networks, effects and economic applications of the social networks.
  • Experimental economy: auctions, futures markets, imperfect competition, restrictions on capacity in organized markets, experimental design of markets
  • Theory of the behavior of economic agents: limited rationality, learning and social evolution, altruistic preferences, cognitive paths, psychology and economics, behavior and design of institutions
  • Contracts and incentives: multilateral contracts, design of contracts in the face of externalities
  • Corporate governance: mechanisms for the internal control of companies, the role of leadership in the theory of incentives in organizations
  • Environmental economy: agrarian markets and PAC, agrarian productivity, land use, desertification, georeferenced spacial models, efficiency and adaptation to the business environment

Contact email:


  • Alonso Borrego, César
  • Cabrales, Antonio
  • Cardoso-Marta Pinto-Machado, Matilde
  • Celentani, Marco
  • Corchón Díaz, Luis
  • Delgado González, Miguel
  • Denter, Philipp Georg
  • Dumav, Martin
  • Escribano Saez, Álvaro
  • Fabra Portela, Natalia
  • Ferreira García, José Luis
  • Fuchs, William
  • Ginzburg, Boris
  • Hernando Veciana, Ángel
  • Loeper, Antoine
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  • Marhuenda Hurtado, Francisco
  • Moreno Ruiz, Diego
  • Name Correa, Álvaro José
  • Nuñez Sanz, Carmelo
  • Ortuño Ortín, Ignacio
  • Rincón Zapatero, Juan Pablo
  • Romero Medina, Antonio
  • Schneider, Johannes
  • Wellschmied, Felix Maximilian
  • Ver menos
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