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Nomos. Research group on political thought and ancient law and its reception

Group head:
Francisco Leonardo Lisi Bereterbide


The research group originated at the University of Salamanca and moved to Carlos III University in 1999 with the research head. Currently there are two research projects underway, which are financed by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Madrid Community. Additionally, the group is participating in a European project without funding from Brussels, but with national financing from various participating groups. Furthermore, the group is participating in a network of 10 universities on classical political thought and its reception. The group’s research centres on classical political theory and ancient legal thought and the influence of both on later thought, with special attention on Spain.

Lines of research

  • Law and state in classical political theory.
  • Transmission and conservation of classic texts in the Community of Madrid and European humanism.
  • Contribution to a virtual European library, I-III
  • Cataloguing of the Greek manuscripts in the University of Salamanca library
  • Study of Greco-Roman Law
  • History of Platonism
  • Virtual Library of Spanish Humanism
  • Classic political theory and its reception

Contact email:


  • Abellán Velasco, Manuel
  • Blanco Gómez, Emilio
  • Borrelli, Daniela
  • Boutroue, Marie Elisabeth
  • Calahorra Martínez, Iveta
  • Cano Cuenca, Jorge
  • Cañizares Ferri, Patricia
  • Cappelli, Gudo María
  • Carrasco García, Consuelo
  • Curnis, Michele
  • Esteve i Mestre, Cesc
  • García Fernández, Alicia
  • García Gual, Carlos
  • García-Gasco Villarubia, Rosa
  • González Rendón, Diony
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  • Guagliumi, Barbara
  • Hernández de la Fuente, David
  • Iglesias Moreno, María Eugenia
  • Lisi Bereterbide, Francisco Leonardo
  • Macías Otero, Sara María
  • Maillard, Jean Francoise
  • Martínez García, Óscar
  • Movelán Luis, Mireia
  • Olmos Gómez, Paula
  • Pezzoli, Federica
  • Rivero Ramírez, Christian
  • Rodríguez González, Ana María
  • Vega Ramos, María José
  • Veneciano, Gustavo Roberto
  • Vilà i Tomás, Lara
  • Ver menos
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