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Material synthesis and processing

Group head:
Alejandro Varez Álvarez, Belén Levenfeld Laredo
Group web:
Materials Synthesis and Processing
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Commercial profile

Lines of research


  •  Injection moulding of ceramics and of metals
  •  Polymer mixes
  •  Rheological behaviour of polymeric systems and of their mixes
  •  Synthesis and structural characterisation of ceramic materials
  •  Biomaterials
  •  Li batteries and fuel cells
  •  Magnetic ceramics: Ferrites
  •  Corrosion and degradation

Contact email:


  • Bautista Arija, Asunción
  • Levenfeld Laredo, Belén
  • Rodríguez Senín, Elena
  • Serrano Prieto, Berna
  • Sotomayor Lozano, Mª Eugenia
  • Thomas Vielma, Patricia
  • Varez Álvarez, Alejandro
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