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BSEL - Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Laboratory

Group head:
Arrate Muñoz Barrutia, Javier Pascau González Garzón
Group web:
BSEL - Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Laboratory


The primary goal of the BSEL group is to develop high-impact translational research by combining the disciplines of biomedical science and engineering.

Our activity encompasses biomedical signal and image processing, electronic device design, nanoparticle synthesis, artificial intelligence and deep learning at all levels. Thus, algorithms, methods, and technologies from the field of biomedical engineering are combined to solve current problems in biomedicine, always focusing on unmet clinical needs. In this way, our objective moves beyond methodological development to offer solutions in contact with the current demands in biomedical research.

Lines of research

  • Acceleration of the development of new treatment regimens and innovative therapies for various pathologies (infectious diseases, cancer)
  • Image Guided Treatments with applications in surgery, clinical simulation and training
  • Advanced biomedical signal and image processing with multimodal integration
  • Micro- and nano-devices with biomedical applications
  • Innovative multimodal instrumentation for biomedical imaging
  • Reduction of toxicity in radiation therapy
  • Synthesis and administration of nanoparticles
  • Open science for artificial intelligence applications in biomedicine

Contact email:


  • Balaban, Evan Stuart
  • Brooks, Claire Jordan
  • Calle Muñoz, Melissa
  • Calvet Seral, Juan
  • Cubero Gutiérrez, Lucía
  • Delgado Rodríguez, Pablo
  • Estévez Albuja, Héctor Iván
  • Ferrer Bazaga, Santiago
  • Fuster Barceló, Caterina
  • Gómez Cruz, Clara
  • González Álvarez, Alba
  • López Expósito, Patricio Roberto
  • Mendoza Losana, Alfonso
  • Muñoz Barrutia, Arrate
  • Nicolás Sáenz, Laura
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  • Olivo Marín, Jean Christophe
  • Pascau González-Garzón, Javier
  • Pérez Benito, David
  • Pompeiano, Maria
  • Pose Díaz de la Lastra, Alicia
  • Ríos Muñoz, Gonzalo Ricardo
  • Schmidt Santiago, Lucía
  • Vaquero López, Juan José
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