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Communication, Politics and Citizenship (CP&C)

Group head:
Alejandro Barranquero Carretero
Group web:
Comunicación, Políticas y Ciudadanía (CPyC)


The Communication, Politics and Citizenship Research Group (CP&C) research group is oriented to the study of the relationship between Communication, Politics and Citizenship processes within the framework of digital convergence and with the aim of addressing the current ecosocial crisis.


Our focus is comparative studies from a critical perspective and with a vocation for social transfer. Our research lines include comparative studies on: the relationship between media and public spheres in different geographical contexts; technopolitical movements and citizen media networks in different times or environments; electoral campaigns and their media and citizen reception; connections between media, digital humanities and historical memory; and processes for the detection of disinformation and hate speech.


Our research is oriented to promote diverse, rigorous and quality journalism -facing phenomena such as disinformation and fake news-, and the implementation of communication processes and projects that are sustainable over time and oriented to construct critical citizenship based on universal values such as human rights, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other emerging social and ecological justice ideals. We are also committed to combining the historical perspective with innovative approaches in studies published open access, and following the basic rules of scientific ethics.


CP&C is composed of university faculty, established and emerging researchers, and doctoral students with different disciplinary profiles but with a focus on social communication. Some of its members participate or lead research projects funded by competitive calls, and are members of the main regional or international communication research networks. The Group complements its transfer orientation by offering consultancy for entities, as well as seminars and tutorship open to citizens and future researchers.

Lines of research

  • Political Communication
  • Communication, Citizenship and Human Rights
  • Environmental Communication, Politics and Public Sphere
  • Credibility, Disinformation, Fact-checking & Media Accountability
  • Innovation, Business and Media Sustainability
  • Digital Society, History & Memory

Contact email:


  • Barranquero Carretero, Alejandro
  • Eiroa San Francisco, Matilde
  • García Bruno, Marta
  • García Caballero, Sara
  • Gil López, Teresa
  • González Aldea, Patricia
  • Liu, Jingshan
  • Magallón Rosa, Raúl
  • Marín Trejos, Sorany
  • Muñoz Morcillo, Daniel David
  • Rodríguez Gómez, Eduardo Francisco
  • Rosique Cedillo, Gloria Josefina
  • Seoane Pérez, Francisco
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