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Public review of thesis

Public review of thesis


Public review of your thesis is a required act of transparency at the core of our institution that enables doctors and scholars of your field to review your work before the defense. Your thesis will be available for review at the Doctoral School and department(s) or institute(s) appointed to that effect on the university's intranet (encrypted code).

The period for public review is 15 working days (excluding August) starting the day after the date of deposit.


As a general rule, it is strongly recommended to initiate this procedure at least eight weeks prior to the estimated date of defense. 

Additionally, the Ph.D. candidate:

  • Must have been enrolled on the program for a minimum period of 24 months. 
  • Must be up to date on payment of tuition fees
  • The thesis must have successfully passed the plagiarism management procedure


Documents required to initiate proceedings:

  • Application for authorization of public review approved by your thesis advisor (and/or tutor) and the Academic Committee of the Ph.D. program. Eligibility for Doctorado Internacional or Doctorado Industrial distinctions must be stated as well.
  • Thesis file in pdf format
  • Activity report listing every activity carried out and approved during your entire doctoral training period.
  • Ph.D. academic record, stating all your annual evaluations have been favorably assessed.
  • Technical abstract in pdf format (2500-3000 words; this abstract can be subsequently registered in TESEO, Ministerio de Cultura's thesis database)
  • Non-technical abstract in pdf format (800-1000 words)


Documents required for  authorization of thesis defense

  • CD-ROM containing thesis file (with full-color cover template  for archival, preservation and distribution purposes on the institutional repository e-Archivo. The thesis is to be submitted in PDF format, compatible with the PDF-A standard (or converted to PDFLaTex if the document was originally created with LaTeX*). Other features required: Text recognition, embedded fonts, no password required for access.

*Please refer to our Library Service's LaTeX tutorial  

  • Informed consent agreement (two copies) for thesis deposit at e-Archivo, in accordance with art. 31 and 32 of the Rules and Regulations of the Doctoral School.
  • Curriculum Vitae  (3 pages maximum).
  • TESEO registration report. You are required to register the details of your thesis in TESEO (Ministerio de Cultura, Educación y Deporte's thesis database) and provide a printed copy of the report as proof of registration. Please refer to our TESEO Guide for further information.


Industrial Ph.D. candidates must additionally provide: 

  • Report stating the completion of the research project, signed by the thesis advisor, the supervisor appointed by the company or Public Administration and the Academic Committee.
  • Updated Working Life Report (Informe de Vida Laboral). This is to verify that the working contract is not ended prior to the date of dissertation defense.


Upon submission of these documents, the Postgraduate Office will be in charge of the public review process, establishing start and end dates and notifying the appointed Department(s) or Institution(s), the Academic Committee, and yourself as the Ph.D. candidate, about any comment submitted by the experts.