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Autogestión emocional y manejo del tiempo y del estrés

Aula 4.1.07 Campus de Getafe
28 de febrero; 7, 14, 21 y 28 de marzo del 2022. Horario: lunes de 9:30 a 13:30 horas
1 Optativo
Alumni / Former students, Students, Administration Staff, Teaching Staff, General public

En este taller conoceremos en que consiste el estrés junto con sus fases. Aprenderemos estrategias y herramientas para afrontalo de forma activa y eficaz. Y potenciaremos nuestras fuentes de energía como principal herramienta para conbatir el estrés y convertirlo en nuestro aliado.

Modalidad: Híbrido (mitad presencial y mitad online)

Duración: 20 horas presenciales



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Autogestión emocional
Autogestión emocional y manejo del tiempo y del estrés


Comunidad universitaria: 30€

Externos: 100€

  • Objectives

    Stress is an adaptive force that an individual employs when facing demands in their environment which are classed as threatening or over demanding with regards to their resources, thereby putting their well-being in danger. Stress ends up becoming dangerous when it appears often, lasts for an excessive period of time or is concentrated on a set organ, impeding both functional and psychological recovery. Adequate stress management helps us to achieve our goals while enjoying the journey.

    • Understand what stress, its development and its phases are.
    • Differentiate stress and distress: understanding our sources of energy.
    • Learn planning and organisation strategies to take full advantage of our time.
    • Develop active and efficient coping strategies for stress.
    • Learn to be resilient: convert stress into our ally.
    • Learn communicative skills for managing stress
    • Resolve problems and conflicts
  • Program

    Characteristics of stress 

    • Stress and its influence on health.
    • Response to stress and its phases. General adaptation syndrome.
    • Stressful factors: life events and everyday events.
    • About resilience and the characteristics of resilient people.
    • New technology and its influence on stress. 


    Time management

    • Planning and differentiation between the urgent and the important.
    • Searching for efficiency: stress management when facing lack of time.
    • Exercises to raise awareness


    Improve communication

    • Get to know our personalities.
    • Assertive communication.
    • Dynamics


    Relaxation techniques

    • Breathing from the diaphragm
    • Muscle relaxation
    • Visualisation exercises
  • Teaching

    Noemí Merchán Yuste

    • Specialist in Transition, Talent and Executive Coaching.

    María José Ruiz Pastor

    • Graduated in Clinical and Industrial Psychology.
  • Credit recognition
    • Recognition of one optional credit


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