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Introducción a la Comunicación en Lengua de Signos Española (LSE)

Del 15 de octubre al 15 de noviembre
1 Optativo o 1 de Humanidades
Alumni / Former students, Students, Administration Staff, Teaching Staff, General public (40 Available places)

En este taller se aprenderán destrezas básicas para mantener comunicación con personas sordas.

Se conocerá la gramática específica de la Lengua de Signos Española y el vocabulario (signos) necesario para la producción y comprensión de la LSE en un registro lingüístico coloquial.

Duración: 30 horas

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Alfabeto Lenguaje de Signos
Dos chicas comunicándose mediante Lenguaje de Signos


Comunidad universitaria: 30 €

Externos: 100 €



  • Objectives
    • Acquire basic strategies for communication with deaf people
    • Production and comprehension of simple messages on a colloquial level in the areas studied
    • Know the specific grammar of Spanish Sign Language (SSL) and the vocabulary (signs) necessary for the production and comprehension of SSL on a colloquial linguistic register
    • Develop the correct use of body language and use it in an adequate way when using different emotional registers in SSL
  • Program



    • Based on simplified theoretical knowledge for students, they will have to conduct communication and comprehension in SSL, achieving a “basic” level of production and comprehension in colloquial level conversations, following the different proposed topics.
    • The dactylological alphabet in SSL speech
    • Greetings and introductions
    • The time line in SSL
    • o   Request and provide information
    • About ourselves
    • Family
    • Our environment: city, transport, leisure and spare time activities



    • Attendance of at least 80% of the hours


  • Teaching

    Deaf lecturer with professional experience and appropriate methodological training. Title of Professor or Specialist in Spanish Sign Language from the State Confederation of Deaf People, or from the Federation of Deaf People of the Community of Madrid.

  • Credit Recognition

    Recognition of one optional credit or one credit for Humanities


If you are part of the university community, you can register in-person at the Student Support Services or electronically by clicking on this link: 

If you are external user you can register on this link: