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Behaviour of students in classes

Foto comportamiento en las aulas  para Guia buenas practicas

A. Students should arrive in class punctually and wait for the professor in an orderly manner for up to 15 minutes. If the professor is delayed, the class should wait in silence so as not to disturb the other classes.

B. Once the class starts, students may not leave until the class has concluded. If a student needs to leave class early, he/she must inform the professor beforehand and obtain his/her permission.

C. On entering class, students must turn off any electronic devices except those which the professor allows to be used, e.g. computers. In any event, the professor's authorization will apply solely to work on the subject matter of the class, and not to web browsing, reading/answering e-mail, chatting, etc.

D. Except as otherwise indicated, the use of any electronic devices is prohibited during exams and in-class tests. The professor may also require that a student in breach of the prohibition on the use of phones abandon the room.

E. The professor may refuse re-entry to a student who leaves the room to make or take a phone call.

F. Students must behave properly in class; they must pay attention to the professor and refrain from talking to fellow students. Any rules established by the professor for the orderly development of the class should be obeyed.

G. Students must address faculty, fellow students and university staff respectfully.

H. If a student behaves such as to prevent the normal development of academic activities, the professor may call him/her to order, ask the student to identify him/herself or ask other students to do so, and demand that the student abandon the room or premises in order to be able to resume normal activities. In these cases, the faculty member should notify the competent authority immediately so that the latter may take the appropriate steps in accordance with the applicable regulations.