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Opiniones antiguos alumnos

Hugo del Granado, EEUU

" Writing is similar to boxing in that there are a few rules and endless combinations. If you want to fight then it makes a huge difference to train with a professional boxer, someone who has fought and knows, for example, that you need to be aware that even though the last punch really hurt you need to pretend that it did not so you don't get killed by your opponent. The same applies to writing: advice from professionals makes all the difference. In this program you will arrive with nothing and will leave with a script and invaluable tips from some of the best writers and filmmakers from not only Spain or even Europe but from the world."

Raúl Encinar Arroyo, student of the Master in Film and TV Guion UC3M / ALMA 2013/2014 edition and "Vis a Vis" screenwriter (Antena 3)

After the degree in Audiovisual Communication was lost.

Starring in my own game, I thought wanting and "talented" enough to sell my stories ... But no. I realized I needed broadmindedness and a path. So I gave the master script of Carlos III.

Glancing back, I realize I've been a very lucky guy: by colleagues and friends I made in the master, by my tutors (Veronica Fernandez and Juan Tebar) for some great speakers, by accessing the practices and falling into a project (Something to celebrate) full of great writers and great people, where I had everything have to have a fellow: much time, attention, care, freedom ...

And there, another stroke of luck. My practices six months were exhausted when, for problems dates, they needed an extra hand in the last indent before closing season. That was the first time he signed as a writer.

A few weeks later a screenwriter (Esther Morales) with whom I worked on something to celebrate, put me on the track of tests for a new series: Vis a vis. I made them eager but without putting too many expectations, trying to protect the more than foreseeable wallop ... But they liked it.

I started working on an interesting project. Head. With the legendary screenwriters poor ability to negotiate. If they had asked for a piece of my soul I would have applauded his ears. After six months of intense work, Vis a vis successfully it debuted audience. Again, fortune making mischief.

Now I can see the end of the season are very close and all
questions. Maybe there 's a second season, maybe they tell me, maybe they do not, maybe write in a new project, perhaps no one call me, maybe no answer, maybe, maybe, maybe ... perhaps I run out luck ... or maybe not.

Doubts. Luckily the noise drowns click uncertainty almost completely. I guess this is the life of the writer (or life in general). And I love it.

Miguel Casanova, winner of the First Prize for Best Screenplay Master

"One of the most attractive aspects of studying this Master, no doubt, was the possibility of writing a feature film, tutored and advised by a writer or actively work in our cinema. In that case, the luck I have had with Daniel Remón was capitalized. He remembered me and my colleagues that each script must have their time and work method and from the beginning I suggested that I overwhelm not structured and escaletando mine, because that would entail almost 80% of the time. Not only I appreciate the continued support of my tutor and master Directive (as well as the advice of fantastic teachers) but also that of all my colleagues ".

Miguel Casanova, graduated from the ESCAC and student at the IX edition of the Master, is writer of short films "top" and "Back", selected in numerous national and international festivals and awards at, among others, Seminci and LesGaiMad Festival. "Milkshake Express," which he also directed, won the Simon Award for Best Short Film Aragones. It has also been awarded the SGAE New Authorship Award for Best Screenplay at the Sitges Festival for "top".

Santiago Lozano, screenwriter and co-director of "Siembra" World Premiere in the Official Section of the Locarno International Film Festival 2015

I was part of the first cohort of the Master en Guión para Cine y TV at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and ALMA. This has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life, both professionally, and personally. I was fortunate to meet teachers who, above all, knew how to sow the passion and discipline screenwriting. I certainly thank the Master and especially my tutor, Alberto Macías, who with dedication and respect, guided the process of writing my opera prima "Siembra". Is that for all we did part of the first cohort of the Master, was a year of maturation around the film, all my colleagues I send a warm embrace, with the illusion that cinema and life again cross paths.