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Máster en Ingeniería de Sistemas Ferroviarios UC3M-BOMBARDIER

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Professor Vicente Díaz López. Catedrático, Mr. Óscar Vázquez Álvarez. Presidente Bombardier España y Portugal
Deputy Direction
Associate Professor Beatriz López Boada., Associate Professorsús López Boada., Mr. José Miguel Soler. Responsable del departamento de Ingeniería España de la división Rail Control Solution de Bombardier Transportation, Mr. Manuel José Hernandez. Responsable RRHH España de la división Rail Control Solution de Bombardier Transportation
1 academic year


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    The current engineer faces an increasingly demanding and specialized market and should serve increasingly concerned about the reliability, safety and environmental impact in the fields of transport in general and rail transport in particular society .

    It should be borne in mind that the constant and unstoppable growth of the railway sector both nationally and internationally makes professionals demand with great knowledge in this sector also considering the technologies applied are changing.

    This master pursues a multidisciplinary and integral formation of students including the design and calculation of rolling stock and traction and railway signaling, safety and maintenance. The teaching methodology is twofold: theoretical first and practice afterwards, by providing students with the virtual and experimental tools used in this field, without forgetting the importance of implementing standards and technical legislation governing the railway sector. The program is completed with internships and visits to different facilities rolling stock manufacturers, component manufacturers, railway operators, signaling and traction as Bombardier, Talgo, Adif, Renfe, Metro de Madrid, Barajas APM, SKF, etc.

    Professionals working in the environment of railway engineering are demanded by a number of qualities reference. It should be noted: quality training, flexibility to technological changes, all to achieve effectively cover the problems in the railway field required by companies.

    The Master en Ingeniería de Sistemas Ferroviarios UC3M-BOMBARDIER is in collaboration with Bombardier. Bombardier is a Canadian company of international prestige dedicated to manufacturing trains and aircraft and employs worldwide around 71,700 people. It has offices in different countries like USA, Russia, China, Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Italy, France.

    Imagen de tren Bombardier

    "Viaje fin de curso a las instalaciones de Metro de Sevilla (Curso 2014-15) "

    Viaje Fin de Curso Máster Ingeniería Ferroviaria UC3M


    • Infrastructure and superstructure.
    • Route.
    • Performance of a railway vehicle: traction and braking
    • Circulation curve
    • Derailment
    • Wheel-rail
    • A railway vehicle dynamics
    • Catenary


    • Introduction to railway signaling.
    • Route concept.
    • Cabin equipment.
    • Field devices.
    • Control systems, CTC.
    • ADIF HSL signaling and conventional.
    • Automatic Train Protection (ATP).
    • Common European ETCS signaling (ERTMS).
    • CBTC systems.
    • Electric traction systems.
    • Traction motors and converters.
    • Architecture and components of the drive systems.
    • Energy efficiency.
    • Command, control and communications in rail vehicles.


    SAFETY (6 credits)

    • Science of railway safety
    • Risk analysis.
    • Prevention of occupational hazards.
    • Workplace ergonomics.
    • CE marking.
    • Safety of machinery.
    • Safety in railway operations.
    • Railway safety management, RAMS.
    • Regulations: CENELEC, IRIS and TSI.
    • Accidentology.


    MAINTENANCE (6 credits)

    • Maintenance: Evolution and technology.
    • Causes and evaluation of the possibility of failure.
    • Failure analysis.
    • Maintenance strategies: corrective, preventive and predictive.
    • Reliability, maintainability and availability.
    • instrumental techniques.
    • Maintenance of rolling stock.
    • Infrastructure maintenance: track and catenary.
    • Maintenance signaling.
    • Improving productivity, quality and environment.


    Lectures by professionals from the railway sector. Title of some of the lectures will be taught: Project management, human resources in the railway sector, the railway market, verification and validation processes, etc.



    • Experimental techniques.
    • Modeling of a railway vehicle.
    • Simulation of the dynamic behavior of a railway vehicle: SIMPACK.
    • 3d print.
    • Internet of Things (IOT) and blockchain.



    The student at the end of the module will have acquired:

    • Apply knowledge and skills acquired during the degree the world of business.
    • Learning to communicate effectively using the language of the company.
    • Join a team and learn to perform their duties in an efficient, coordinated and measured.
    • Knowledge working methods in the enterprise


    END OF MASTER (12 credits)

    The student at the end of the module will have acquired:

    • Ability to assess the economic, social and environmental impact of its activities on the local and global context.
    • Ability to recognize the need for continuous learning throughout life
    • Ability to achieve autonomy in learning.
    • Ability to create and develop a vision.
    • Ability to defend against a public knowledge.

    The program is subject to modification depending on the content update.

    Visit to the facilities of Metro de Madrid (2014-15 Course)

    Máster Ingenieria Ferroviaria UC3M-BOMBARDIER

    Teachers who will teach this Master are doctors from the Institute for Motor Vehicle Safety (ISVA) of the Carlos III University of Madrid and Bombardier staff, with doctors / Engineers / Graduates. All with extensive experience in the railway field:


    UC3M Faculty

    • Vicente Díaz López
    • José Luis San Román García
    • Beatriz López Boada
      Associate Professor
    • María Jesús López Boada
      Associate Professor
    • María Ramirez Berasategui
      Associate Professor
    • Ester Olmeda Santamaría
      Associate Professor
    • Antonio Gauchía Babé
      Associate Professor
    • Daniel García Pozuelo
      Associate Professor
    • Alejandro Quesada
      Associate Professor
    • Susana Sanz Sanchez
      Visiting Professor




    Bombardier Faculty

    • José M. Soler
      Director of the Department of Engineering in Spain of the Rail Division of Bombardier Transportation Control Solution
    • Carlos Mateo
      Project manager at Lanionámerica
      Rail Control Solution Bombardier Transportation
    • Pedro Ignacio Fernández
      Director of the Department of Engineering Division Spain Propulsion & Controls, Bombardier Transportation
    • César Andrés
      Director of the finance department in Spain of the Rail Division of Bombardier Transportation Control Solution
    • Manuel J Hernández
      Responsible HR Spain Rail Control Division of Bombardier Transportation Solution
    • Alberto Fernández
      expert collaborator Bombardier Transportation Rail Spain
    • Antonio J. Garcia Quintas
      Responsible for project engineering section Rail Control Division of Bombardier Transportation Solution
    • Marco Camargo
      Responsible for CBTC section of the Rail Division of Bombardier Transportation Control Solution
    • Javier Sánchez de la Madrid
      Project Engineer ERTMS Rail division of Bombardier Transportation Control Solution
    • Laura Díaz
      Engineer SW verification and implementation of the Rail Division of Bombardier Transportation Control Solution
    • Manuel Díaz
      Project Engineer ERTMS Rail division of Bombardier Transportation Control Solution
    • Victor Guerrero
      Project Engineer interlocks Rail Control Division of Bombardier Transportation Solution

      Available places: 30

      Student Profile

      Be in possession of a Spanish or another issued by a higher education institution belonging to another member state of the European Higher Education Area entitling therein for access to Master studies "university degree.

      The Master is aimed primarily at engineers branch industrial, telecommunications and information technology, while the academic committee of the master could allow access to a student with another university training for cause.

      Where appropriate, access to master those non-EU students who are in possession of a diploma entitling them in their country to pursue postgraduate studies whose curriculum content is also related to the content of the master in the opinion of the academic committee be allowed same.


      Admission requirements

      The Master's Academic Committee will assess the applications of candidates taking into account:

      • The relationship of previous studies.
      • The curriculum of the candidate.
      • The academic record of the candidate, the specialty studied and recognition of the university where he has completed his studies.
      • Professional experience.
      • The level of English and knowledge of other languages.
      • The existence of letters of support and professional applicant for admission to the Master or academic recommendations.


      Plazas ofertadas: 30

      Perfil de alumnos

      Estar en posesión de un título universitario oficial español u otro expedido por una institución de educación superior perteneciente a otro Estado integrante del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior que faculte en el mismo para el acceso a enseñanzas de Máster”.

      El Máster está dirigido principalmente a ingenieros de la rama de industriales, telecomunicaciones e informática, si bien la comisión académica del máster podría permitir el acceso a un estudiante con otra formación universitaria, por una causa justificada.

      En su caso, se permitirá el acceso al máster a aquellos estudiantes extracomunitarios que estén en posesión de un título que les faculte en su país para realizar estudios de postgrado y cuyo contenido curricular sea también afín al contenido del máster a juicio de la comisión académica del mismo.

      Requisitos de admisión

      La Comisión Académica del Máster valorará las solicitudes de los candidatos teniendo en cuenta:

      • La relación de los estudios previos.
      • El currículum del candidato.
      • El expediente académico del candidato, la especialidad cursada y el reconocimiento de la universidad en la que ha cursado sus estudios.
      • Experiencia profesional.
      • El nivel de inglés y conocimiento de otros idiomas.
      • La existencia de cartas de apoyo y de recomendaciones académicas o profesionales para la admisión del aspirante en el Máster.


      Documentation for admission

      Applications for admission must include:


      Admission request

      The request is made electronically through our application.

      Steps to make your application for admission



      Carlos Hernandez Cuartero
      School of Graduate Studies
      Office 18.1C02
      Calle Madrid, 135
      28903 Getafe (Madrid)
      Tel .: (+34) 91 624 59 08


      Tuition fees: 5,800 euros

      Tuition may be paid in several installments:

      • 1,000 euros in respect of reservation once accepted the request to be considered as payment on account of matrícula.Si it fails to be formalized for reasons attributable to such amount will not be refunded.
      • 2,400 euros, with deadline on October 31, 2019.
      • 2,400 euros, with deadline on March 15, 2020.

      Additional Information

      a) The email address that facilitates University students, once the registration will be used primarily in communications with the student, so it is imperative activation and periodic consultation.

      b) Failure to pay by the due date will mean the denial or cancellation of registration under the terms and effects established University.


    After completing the Máster en  Ingeniería de Sistemas Ferroviarios UC3M-BOMBARDIER students will acquire the ability to analyze, design and develop any rail system, and propose ways of improvement.

    The student of the master will be able to plan, evaluate, design and develop systems in the railway sector and to include safety criteria in all types of design.

    In addition, it projected performing tests, the maintenance of railway systems, verification system performance, the extent of their efficiency and legal adequacy.


    Objectives of the Master

    The main objective of the program is to provide a basis for graduate students entering the railway sector at a higher level and in R + D + i.

    a number of secondary endpoints were also completed: expanding and improving a base to be original in the development and / or implementation of ideas into projects in the field of railway engineering; apply knowledge to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments; communicate their findings to specialists and non-specialists.


    Duration and schedule

    The duration of the course is one academic year (October to June), the number of 60 ECTS, of which 12 are for the Master's Thesis (TFM)

    The lectures will take place Monday through Thursday from 18 to 21horas.

    The subject of "Practical Training" will be held in the morning. This course may be validated by students who are working.


    ☛ Leganés Campus

    Virtual Visit Leganés Campus

    More information

    Visita Virtual Leganés
  • NEWS


    Students have made the following visits to Metro de Madrid:

    • February 28, 2019, Ship Engines and S / E Pacific.
    • March 7, 2019, Since Central Control.