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Full time / part time studies

The Master's degree may be undertaken as full time (one year) or part time study (two or three years).

Students are deemed to be full time (FT) when the first year they have registered for:

  • the 60 ECTS credits of the master's degree
  • 54 out of 60 ECTS of the master's degree, except for the Final Dissertation (Trabajo de Fin de Máster, TFM: 6 ECTS).

Students are considered to be part time (PT) when they plan to complete their master's degree in two or three years:

  • In two years: Registering the first year 30 ECTS of the master's degree and the remainder the second year including the TFM.
  • In three years: Registering the first year 30 ECTS credits; the second year, at least 18 ECTS credits, and the third year the remainder of the programme credits including the TFM.

☛ Even in the case of registration to FT, it is recommended to postpone the registration of the TFM until the student has chosen the subject and the tutor, has decided to deliver it and its defense is imminent. It is permitted to register the TFM a few weeks before the act of defense, which will take place in the dates previously fixed for any of the three appeals of the academic year: February, July or September.

☛ Students are required to choose whether to be "FT student" or "PT student" when registering for the course, and they should specifically state this on the application form for the master's degree.

☛ In the curriculum there are no dependencies between subjects, but there are two itineraries determined by two blocks of elective courses between which the student must choose. There are other electives, independent of itineraries, that the student can choose according to their interests, tastes or previous training, in addition to the subjects of the itinerary not chosen.