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Master Propio UC3M in Airframe Technology

School of Continuing Education

Imagen fichas Másteres Propios
Prof. Pablo Fajardo Peña
Deputy Direction
Prof. Carlos Santiuste; Dr. Hector Climent Mañez (Airbus); Dña. Mercedes Oliver Herrero (Airbus)
1 año


Bioengineering and Aeroespace Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis

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    European aviation industry, particularly the Airbus company has detected needs incorporation of highly qualified personnel, trained in the field of design and advanced calculation of aircraft structures. In relation to this subject, this Master aims to increase knowledge and real training in high aviation technology as the express request of the Engineering of Airbus Group. Teachers you correspond to recognized professionals and faculty excellence of Carlos III University of Madrid.


    Master airframe Thecnology - Tunel de viento Laboratorio Aeroespacial UC3M

    The program consists of 60 ECTS credits.

    • Master General, Tutoring & Invited Lectures (6.2 ECTS credits)
    • Airframe Design. What for? (5.8 ECTS credits)
    • Computer Aided Design (Catia) - Digital Mock-Up (5 ECTS credits)
    • Finite Element Modeling (4.4 ECTS credits)
    • Design (9.2 ECTS credits)
    • Structural Tests and Mechanical Characterization of Aeronautical Components (4.1 ECTS credits)
    • Checkstress (4.4 ECTS credits)
    • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance (4.1 ECTS credits)
    • Airframe Design. What if? (5.8 ECTS credits)
    • Practical Exercise (5 ECTS credits)



    Course Directors:

    • Pablo Fajardo Peña, Director (UC3M)
    • Héctor Climent Máñez, Deputy Direction (Airbus)
    • Mercedes Oliver Herrero, Deputy Direction (Airbus)
    • Carlos Santiuste Romero, Deputy Direction (UC3M)

    UC3M Faculty:

    Proponents personnel departments (Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering and Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis)



    • Félix Arévalo Lozano (Airbus)
    • José Ignacio Armijo Torres (Airbus)
    • José María Blanco Saiz (Airbus)
    • Rauno Cavallaro (UC3M)
    • José Díaz Álvarez (UC3M)
    • Antonio Enrique Jiménez Gahete (Airbus)
    • Alberto Lozano Sevilla (Airbus)
    • Paola Martín Gallego (Airbus)
    • Miguel Mascaray Rufas (Airbus)
    • Eduardo Oslé Dorremochea (Airbus)
    • Álvaro Pérez de la Serna (Airbus)
    • Sofía Ponce Borrero (Airbus)
    • Fernando Rosich Sanz (Airbus)
    • Miguel Ruiz Sánchez (Airbus)
    • José Sánchez Gómez (Airbus)

      Number of places available: 30

      The program may be available as long as there is a minimum number of students to guarantee its viability.


      Places available

      Limited number of places: 30 places maximum with a minimum number of 20 students


      Qualifications required

      Master in Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering Master, Master in Civil Engineering, or other structures Másteres emphasizing (Master Engineering or equivalent degree engineer).


      Student profile

      The profile of students corresponds to graduates of officer or equivalent (ancient degrees Engineering) Masters, ie corresponding to MECES level 3 areas of aeronautical engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering or related degree with an emphasis on design and calculation structures. The Commission may also decide to admit graduates of degree or equivalent (MECES 2) with an experience of at least three years in the area.


      A Selection Committee, consisting of representatives of UC3M and AIRBUS-Spain, will qualify candidates as academic and professional criteria. Including the following merits and requirements:

      • Educational history including attendance of courses and / the title / s obtained / s.
      • Employment history with titles, dates and working hours (indicating whether it was part-time or full-time).
      • All participants must show a good level of English (TOEFL, Cambridge Certificates, IELTS, etc.). Minimum B2.
      • International experience
      • Erasmus exchanges, work experience abroad.
      • The personal statement (obligatory, written in English with a maximum of 2 pages) should explain concisely the student's motivation to join the Master, the main areas of interest of the Master, and professional plans to finish it.
      • Personal interview.
      • Recommendation letters.

      Admission process

      For information on admission process you may contact the following address: :

      Should the end of the period there were vacancies or demand justify extending the supply of places, an extraordinary period open until exhausting them. The request is made electronically through our application:

      Those interested should send:

      • Application form
      • Motivation letter
      • Letters of recommendation (optional)
      • Photocopy of Higher Title, if applicable.
      • Academic record (set of subjects and grades obtained during titration)
      • Curriculum vitae
      • Photocopy of identity card, passport or identity card
      • If you have not completed your studies: Statement of having finished the previous studies



      School of Graduate Studies
      Building Carmen Martin Gaite, Office: 18.1.C.02
      C / Madrid, 135-28903 Getafe, Madrid
      Tlf: 91 624 98 98


      The registration fee title of Master in Airframe Technology is 9,000 €, admitting the possibility of payment installments per semester.

      The tuition program will be split into several installments distributed as follows:

      • the first term, once it has been notified in writing admission, you must enter the amount of 3,000 €, as payment of the first installment and reservations.
      • the second installment, amounting to 3,000 €, before 15 June.
      • the third term, imported from € 3,000 before 15 Septermber.

      You can only request the return of the rights of reservation for a justified reason of severe disease that makes unable to attend classes or due to a case of force majeure.


    European aviation industry, particularly the Airbus company has detected needs to incorporate highly qualified personnel, trained in the field of design and calculation of aircraft structures. In relation to this subject, this master is proposed as the express request of the Engineering of Airbus Group.

    The purpose of this degree is to train professionals in the field of design, calculation, testing and commissioning of aircraft structure. The general competencies are entitled will acquire:

    • Knowledge of industry best practices in the forefront of technology aeroestructural.
    • Knowing the digitization in the design and analysis of the structure and especially in configuration control and digital model (CAD).
    • Knowledge of analytical techniques and current design platforms.
    • Knowledge of the requirements of high-level design of aircraft structure and ability to define
    • Ability to determine and apply the loads that the structure dimensioned
    • Application of the general principles and design concepts: structures, systems, interiors and aircraft components.
    • Ability to perform strength check analysis and determine the level of effort to gauge the structure
    • Ability to analyze fatigue life and damage tolerance of aeronautical structures
    • Know and perform structural tests from test-tube level to complete trials
    • Analyze the requirements of the structural components and select the most appropriate carrying out the characterization thereof

    The realization of the Master provides the ability to perform in AIRBUS, ALTRAN and other subcontractors paid work experience of 1 year duration (outside the program)


    Duration and schedule

    The title of Master in Technology Airframe begin teaching in April and lasts for one academic year.

    Start Date 2020/21:

    • Course 0 of preparation for non-aeronautics, March 24-25
    • Sessions from April 6, at 5 p.m.

    Classes will be on campus the health situation allows it (probably from June)  mainly from Monday to Thursday from 17:00 to 21:00. Some sessions can be organized on Friday at the same time.


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