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Master in NFV and SDN for 5G networks

School of Continuing Education

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Professor Marcelo Bagnulo Braun
60 ECTS (Máster) 24 ECTS (Especialistas)
Madrid - Puerta de Toledo

Open term for Master and Specialists

Telematic Engineering

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    The University Carlos III of Madrid in collaboration with Ericsson is launching two new graduate degrees in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). We are starting two new post-graduate degrees: a Master degree in NFV/SDN for 5G Networks of 14 months of duration and a Specialist in NFV/SDN degree and Spcialisti in 5G Networikd of 7 months of duration.

    These programmes will enable IT professionals to apply the NFV and SDN technologies to the design and operation of telecommunication networks. The high level goals of the programmes is to allow students to:

    • Design network elements and network services for NFV and SDN,
    • Plan and operate networks based on NFV and SDN technologies
    • Understand the evolution of network products and solutions embracing the new NFV/SDN paradigm.


    • UC3M Specialist in NFV/SDN: start date October 17, 2019

    • UC3M Specialist in 5G Networks: start date February 6, 2020

    Máster y Especialista en NFV Y SAN UC3M

    Master's degree

    Master's Thesis 12

    To obtain the Master's degree in NFV/SDN for the 5G it is necessary to take both Specialist degrees and complete the Master's Thesis. It is recommended to first take the specialist in NFV and SDN and later the specialist in 5G networks, although they go in another order as long as the student had knowledge in NFV and SDN and motivate him in his letter of motivation. The Master's Thesis can be taken once the second Specialist title.

    UC3M Specialist in 5G Networks

    Network Technologies and Protocols for IoT 3
    Security in 5G networks 6
    Business Models for Software Based Networks 3
    Access and edge networks in 5G 6
    Core networks in 5G 6



    Available seats

    40 seats

    Access Requirements

    Students are required to be in possession of a prior university degree, preferably:

    • Computer Engineering
    • Telecommunications engineering
    • Degree in Telecommunications
    • Degree in Computer Science

    Graduates of other degrees could also access the Master studies, in which case they must demonstrate basic knowledge in Telematics (Communication Networks) and Informatics (Fundamentals of Programming and operating systems). This knowledge may be credited through distance courses (MOOCs) suggested by the Academic Commitee of the Master.

    Previous professional experience is not a prerequisite, although it will be valued positively.

    Admission Criteria

    Admission will be decided by the Academic Committees of the Master. If deemed necessary, the applicant may be called for a personal interview. The selection of candidates will be based on the following criteria:  

    • Previous academic training of the applicant
    • Academic record
    • Curriculum vitae
    • A brief statement of purpose. Motivation letter
    • Commitment to dedication to the program.  
    • Photocopy of ID / Passport / NIE or Identity Card
    • Photocopy of the University Degree or of the receipt of having paid the rates of expedition of the same.
    • Application form Specialist in NVF/SDN
    • Application form Specialist in 5G Networks


    Admisión Request

    The application is made in electronic format through our application.


    Criterios de admisión

    La admisión será decidida por los Comités Académicos del Máster. Si se considera necesario, el solicitante puede ser llamado para una entrevista personal. La selección de candidatos se hará sobre la base de los siguientes criterios:

    • Formación académica previa del solicitante
    • Expediente académico
    • Currículum Vitae
    • Una breve declaración de propósitos. Carta de motivación
    • Compromiso de dedicación al programa.
    • Fotocopia del DNI/Pasaporte/NIE o Cédula de Identidad
    • Fotocopia del Título Universitario o del resguardo de haber abonado las tasas de expedición del mismo.
    • Solicitud de Admisión Especialista NFV Y SDN

    Solicitud de admisión

    La solicitud se realiza en formato electrónico a través de nuestra aplicación.


    Centro de Postgrado
    Campus Madrid Puerta de Toledo
    Despacho: 0.B.08
    Ronda de Toledo, 1 - 28005 Madrid
    Telf.: 91 6245813



    Suggested titles provide the student knowledge in all areas related to SDN and NFV, so career opportunities within the proposed titles include:

    • Software design based networks: The adoption of SDN and NFV technologies require the partial or total re design all networks. The main reason for adoption is the impact on operating costs of the same, so it is expected that sooner or later almost all networks adopt these technologies. This will require skilled engineers in these technologies.
    • Network operation: once migrated to this new technology operation and network management software based, which is essentially different (and simpler) of the operation and management of traditional networks will be needed, requiring skilled engineers these technologies.
    • Design and implementation of network elements. The SDN and NFV technologies radically change the nature of networking products. What were once specialized equipment manufactured by large vendors, will now be software running on general purpose hardware. The software includes several applications that perform various network functions. The design and implementation of these functions in software products will gain new network operators. Equipment vendors will then need trained for the design, implementation, maintenance and marketing of this new product line engineers.
    • Research: research centers and operators of equipment and services vendors are devoting a lot of resources in the research related to these technologies, so researchers formed therein will be attractive to these centers.

    The tuition fee is 3850 euros of each specialist course.

    The tuition fee the master's degree is 900 euros and can be taken at the same time as the second specialist degree

    Payment and reservations

    Specialist NVF/SDN

    The payment of this amount may be split into three installments, distributed as follows:

    • the first term, once it has been notified in writing its admission, you must enter the amount of € 1,000 as payment of the first installment and reservations. The amount of this deadline will not be refunded under any circumstances;
    • the second installment, in the amount of 1,425 €, is payment deadline on October 31th, of the academic year at the start of the Course;
    • and the third installment, in the amount of 1,425 €, is payment deadline on March 15th,  of the academic year.

    Specialist 5G Networks

    The payment of this amount may be split into two installments, distributed as follows:

    • the first term, once it has been notified in writing its admission, you must enter the amount of € 1,000 as payment of the first installment and reservations. The amount of this deadline will not be refunded under any circumstances;
    • the second installment, in the amount of 2.950 €, is payment deadline on March 15th, of the academic year.


    The payment of the registration of 900 euros will be made in a term.



    Only you may request reimbursement of tuition fees of reservation fee, assuming unable to attend because of illness or other justified reason befallen comparable gravity.



    Programme designed jointly with key industrial players in the NFV/SND area

    The courses of the Specialist degree correspond to the courses of the first year of the Master degree, so to students finishing the Specialist degree can choose to continue one more year and obtain the Master degree



    Thursday and Friday from 15:30 to 19:30 hours


    Course Schelude

    Course Schelude 2016/17



    • Master degree: 2 years, 7 months of classes per year, plus the final project
    • Specialist degree: 7 months of each course


    Starting date:

    • Specialist in NFV and SDN: start date October 17, 2019
    • Specialist in Network 5G: start date February 6, 2020

    It is taught the course 2017/18 in

    Specialist in NFV Y SDN


    Ericsson Comcenter (Edif. Torre Suecia)
    C/ Retama 1, Madrid
    Metro: Méndez Álvaro

    Google Maps


    Specialist in 5G Networks

    Campus Madrid Puerta de Toledo
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    Ronda de Toledo, 1
    28005 Madrid

  • AIDS

    Ericsson scholarships in NFV and SDN technologies.

    Ericsson is offering scholarships related to the topics of Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. The aim of the scholarship is to integrate, from a very practical perspective, students in the areas of work related to NFV and SDN technologies R&D of Ericsson-Spain.

    The scholarships will last for 9 months and a budget of 700 euros per month. The scholarship requires 30 hours of work per week, (i.e. 6 hoursa day). During 7 of those months, the students will also be pursuing the course Specialist in NFV / SDN at University Carlos III of Madrid.

    The scholarship will include tuition rates Program Specialist NFV and SDN of the Carlos III University of Madrid (3850 euros).

    Profile of students

    The scholarship program is aimed at students in the following programs:

    • Degree in Telecommunications Technologies Engineering (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Telematics Engineering (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Communications Systems (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Audiovisual Systems (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (Graduate or just about to finish))
    • Master of Engineering in Telecommunications
    • Master in Computer Engineering


    For the evaluation of application, the following aspects wil be considered:

    • English proficiency
    • Solid knowledge of programming languages.
    • Knowledge of communications networks.
    • Very good academic record.
    • Capacity for problem solving.
    • Motivation for teamwork.

    For more information, you can send an email to