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Master of Lifelong Learning in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) for 5G Networks

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  • Master of Lifelong Learning in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) for 5G Networks

School of Continuing Education

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Professor Marcelo Bagnulo Braun
Madrid - Puerta de Toledo


Telematic Engineering Department

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    The new generation of communications networks, 5G, has as its founding principle the redefinition of the architecture of the cellular network, with the idea that flexibility is its key feature. In this way, all aspects of the network have been designed following the principles of a series of key technologies, as they are:

    •     Software Defined Networking: Separating the control from the user's data plane and turning this control plane into a fully controllable and reconfigurable software entity.
    •     Network Function Virtualization: Separating the concepts of resource and its place of execution.
    •     Micro-service architectures: abandoning the idea of specific interfaces, difficult to maintain, to embrace common interfaces based on services.

    Through the use of these technologies, new generation networks will be more efficient, flexible and above all capable of innovating and adapting to the future. Starting from this idea, the Master in 5G proposed by UC3M, presents a unique set of technologies that allows the student to understand the basic concepts behind the new network architectures, identifying how these concepts have been adapted and implemented in these networks as well as the implications of their use. To complete the training in 5G technologies, the student will also study the main radio technologies used in this new generation, such as the new 5G-NR air interface, the use of mmWave, beamforming, scalable numerology, etc...

    The objective of this degree is the training of professionals capable of applying technologies related to NFV and SDN to the design and operation of telecommunications networks, especially in 5G technologies.


    • Master in NFV and SDN for 5G networks, October 2023


    Máster y Especialista en NFV Y SAN UC3M

    Master's degree

    * To obtain the Máster de Formación Permanente in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) for 5G Networks it is necessary to study and pass all the subjects and the Master's Thesis.


      Number of places available: 40

      The program may be available as long as there is a minimum number of students to guarantee its viability.

      Access Requirements

      Students are required to be in possession of a prior university degree, preferably:

      • Computer Engineering
      • Telecommunications engineering
      • Degree in Telecommunications
      • Degree in Computer Science

      Graduates of other degrees could also access the Master studies, in which case they must demonstrate basic knowledge in Telematics (Communication Networks) and Informatics (Fundamentals of Programming and operating systems). This knowledge may be credited through distance courses (MOOCs) suggested by the Academic Commitee of the Master.

      Previous professional experience is not a prerequisite, although it will be valued positively.

      Admission Criteria

      Admission will be decided by the Academic Committees of the Master. If deemed necessary, the applicant may be called for a personal interview.

      Documentation that must be attached to the pre-registration:

      • Application form
      • Previous academic training of the applicant
      • Academic record
      • Curriculum vitae
      • A brief statement of purpose. Motivation letter
      • Commitment to dedication to the program.  
      • Photocopy of ID / Passport / NIE or Identity Card
      • Photocopy of the University Degree or of the receipt of having paid the rates of expedition of the same.
      • If you have not completed your studies: Statement of having finished the previous studies

      Admisión Request

      The application is made in electronic format through our application.


      School of Graduate Studies
      Getafe Campus
      Office: 18.1.C.07
      C/ Madrid, 135 - 28903 Getafe (Madrid)
      Phone: 91 6245908​​​​​​​


      The tuition fee of the Master is 8,600 euros

      Payment and reservations

      The payment for the master's degree may be divided into three payments:

      • Once the Letter of Admission has been received, a deposit of 1,000€ must be made to reserve a place. The amount of this term will not be refunded in any case.
      • The second instalment, amounting to 3,800€, has a deadline of 31 October.
      • The third instalment, amounting to 3,800€, has a deadline of 15 March.

      You can only request the return of the rights of reservation for a justified reason of severe disease that makes unable to attend classes or due to a case of force majeure



    The Master provide the student knowledge in all areas related to SDN and NFV, so career opportunities within include:

    • Software design based networks: The adoption of SDN and NFV technologies require the partial or total re design all networks. The main reason for adoption is the impact on operating costs of the same, so it is expected that sooner or later almost all networks adopt these technologies. This will require skilled engineers in these technologies.
    • Network operation: once migrated to this new technology operation and network management software based, which is essentially different (and simpler) of the operation and management of traditional networks will be needed, requiring skilled engineers these technologies.
    • Design and implementation of network elements. The SDN and NFV technologies radically change the nature of networking products. What were once specialized equipment manufactured by large vendors, will now be software running on general purpose hardware. The software includes several applications that perform various network functions. The design and implementation of these functions in software products will gain new network operators. Equipment vendors will then need trained for the design, implementation, maintenance and marketing of this new product line engineers.
    • Research: research centers and operators of equipment and services vendors are devoting a lot of resources in the research related to these technologies, so researchers formed therein will be attractive to these centers.

    Characteristics of the Master

    • Oriented to the needs of the company
    • Agenda developed in conjunction with leading companies in the sector
    • High practical component


    Tuesday to Friday from 15.30h-20.30h

    Course Schelude




    • One academic year


    Starting date:

    • October, 2023

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    ☛ Classes will be taught ONLINE.

    ☛ The University's Aula Global platform is used where the learning materials will be deposited. The platform includes forums for communication and discussion with faculty, fellow students and university services.

    Additional Information

    a) The e-mail address provided by the University to the student, once the registration is completed, will be used as a priority in communications with the student, so it is essential to activate it and consult it periodically.

    b) Failure to pay on the established date will result in the denial or cancellation of the registration under the terms and effects established by the University.

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    Call to be confirmed

    Ericsson is offering scholarships related to 5G. The aim of the scholarship is to integrate, from a very practical perspective, students in the areas of work related to 5G technologies R&D of Ericsson-Spain.

    The students will study the Master in NFV/SDN for 5G technologies at UC3M and they will also do practices at Ericsson. The practices will have a workload of 15 hours per week (4 hours per day) of which 3 days will be of remote work.

    The Ericsson scholarship cover the 8.600 euros of the Master’s tuition fee and also a salary of 400 euros per month.


    Profile of students


    The scholarship program is aimed at students in the following programs:

    • Degree in Telecommunications Technologies Engineering (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Telematics Engineering (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Communications Systems (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Audiovisual Systems (Graduate or just about to finish)
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (Graduate or just about to finish)


    For the evaluation of application, the following aspects wil be considered:

    • English proficiency
    • Solid knowledge of programming languages.
    • Knowledge of communications networks.
    • Very good academic record.
    • Capacity for problem solving.
    • Motivation for teamwork.

    For more information, you can send an email to