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The Optoelectronic and Laser Technology Group (GOTL) has a vast experience in semiconductor laser systems and photonic instrumentation for applications that spans from ultra-broadband wireless telecommunication to novel biomedical imaging applications.

GOTL research in Millimetre and Terahertz-wave photonics, led by Prof. Guillermo Carpintero, has pioneered the use of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Our main field of application are broadband wireless communication links, using carrier waves in the millimetre wave range for beyond 5G mobile networks. We are also addressing the use of microwave photonics techniques to enable test  instrumentation to reach the Terahertz range. Our research is contributing to the development of the field of Integrated Microwave Photonics (iMWP).

GOTL research in biomedical optics, led by Prof. Horacio Lamela, is focused on the development photonics systems for optoacoustic tomography, a new biomedical imaging technique that combines the specificity and the contrast of the optical imaging techniques with the resolution of ultrasound imaging. The group is developing new compact high power short pulsed diode laser systems for optoacoustic imaging, optoacoustic spectroscopy and ultrawideband ultrasound generation, as well as high sensitivity optical fiber ultrasound probes.

GOTL was founded by Prof. Horacio Lamela when he joined UC3M in 1992, when UC3M Engineering School had just been created. Prof. Lamela was the first permanent professor in the area of ​​Electronic Technology, and GOTL was the first research group created in the department. Today, the GOTL is led by its two full professors, Prof. Horacio Lamela and Prof. Guillermo Carpintero.