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Optoelectronic and laser technology (GOTL)

  Logotipo del Grupo GOTL


The Optoelectronic and Laser Technology Group (GOTL) has a vast experience in semiconductor laser systems and photonic instrumentation for applications that spans from ultra-broadband wireless telecommunication to novel biomedical imaging applications.

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Research lines

Our research focuses on:

  • Integrated microwave photonics, through design, implementation and characterization of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for generation of signals with frequencies ranging from the microwave up to the Terahertz range.
  • Ultra-broadband wireless communications using photonic-enabled transmitters and electronic Schottky receivers.
  • Design, modelling and characterization of photonic integrated semiconductor lasers for , both with Continuous-Wave (CW) emission and mode-locked.
  • Photonic driven mm-wave and Terahertz phase array antennas  for beam steering in 5G applications.
  • Designing and developing of diode laser systems for high power nanosecond pulse generation using high power diode lasers (HPDL) and high current short pulse drivers.
  • Optoacoustic imaging systems for biomedical applications based on  high power diode lasers for ultrasound generation and optical fiber sensors for ultrasound detection.
  • Ultrabroadband  ultrasound generation for biomedical imaging using high power diode lasers.
  • Interferometric instrumentation systems with high sensitivity optical fibres for the measurement of ultrasounds, vibrations and temperatures.