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Since 2016, the UC3M HR Service has been implementing pilot programs in the area of performance evaluation.

From the beginning, these experiences were based on defining competency profiles, self-evaluation processes for competencies and a follow up review by those in charge.  This last objective was to detect less developed skills and to set up plans to boost performance in these areas. 

Performance evaluation is detailed out in the T-Development and Management by Objectives programs

Management by Objectives and T-Development

T-Development was the name given to the previous process applied to UC3M Administrative and Service Staff at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.  What are its aims?

  • The differential value of our human capital, which has enabled us to remain as one of the top institutions in our region.
  • Creation of a new culture of effort, motivation, commitment and excellence in work.
  • Developing the potential of University employees to the fullest.
  • In short, learning about performance in order to improve.

In the summer of 2018, we broadened the area for application of performance evaluation to incorporate Management by Objectives.  This methodology consists in translating the organization strategic objectives to specific objectives for each of the individuals who form a part of it.

Traditionally, all of the UC3M administrative services have worked with objectives, but how they are defined, reviewed and evaluated is different in each service. Our aim in this new era is to define Management by Objectives and to make the entire process uniform, creating a framework under which definition, review and evaluation of the objectives are common to University services.  

 Advantages of management by objectives for the employee:

  • By being aware and informed of expected results, an employee acquires a consciousness of what they must do.  That is, they have a clear vision of what they have to do and why they are doing it.
  • In order to attain the established goals, they choose how to act and the way to attain those goals, because what is important is reaching objectives.  
  • Their work is measurable in an objective way, since it is based on achievement of goals.
  • As a participant in defining the objectives, they can share their opinion in this respect.
  • As periodic evaluation exists, this feedbacks allows them to be aware of their professional evolution. 

Advantages of management by objectives for the organization:

  • All of those involved have clear objectives, efforts are not dispersed, and everyone is clearly focused on what they have to do.
  • Responsibilities are defined thus fomenting a greater delegation of tasks.
  • Motivation is increased thus creating a better workplace atmosphere.
  • Integration of the members of the organization, since they are all pulling in the same direction, which is that of the company [U1] objective.
  • Team work is fostered.

Evaluación del Desempeño

Evaluación del Desempeño