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Department Board

Department Board (art. 56)

The Department Board is the associate  departmental administrative body.

Competence and authority (art. 71)

  • Draw up and approve regulations for running and operating the Department as well as making any amendments thereto.
  • Elect and dismiss, as  appropriate, the Department Director or  the heads of  departmental sections.
  • Compile reports within the scope of competence, and in particular, those concerned with the creation of new Departments, Faculties, Schools University Research Institutes or other centres and the creation , amendment or withdrawal of degree qualifications and their corresponding syllabuses, when they affect specialities or subjects in their  particular area of knowledge.
  • Approve and submit to  the Governing Council the proposal for creation, amendment or withdrawal of provision for teaching and research personnel and administrative and service posts.
  • Appoint and dismiss, as appropriate, Department representatives on  various University committees.
  • Propose convocation procedures for vacant university teaching posts and selective procedures for any other teaching posts.
  • Take part, if appropriate, in assessment procedures for University teaching and research personnel of the University and collate the corresponding overall results within the framework of the general criteria stipulated by the Governing Council.
  • Participate in the University's assessment, certification and accreditation procedures affecting its activities. i) Approve the department budgetary proposal submitted by the Director, plan the use of resources, establish criteria for  their management and communicate at least on a quarterly basis decisions for executing the budget adopted by the Director.
  • Approve the report  for affiliation of its members to other Departments or University Institutes, as well as establishing criteria  and issuing reports relating to the reception of members of other Departments or University Institutes. k) Propose  the award of the degree of doctor honoris causa.
  • Any other requirement attributed by these Statutes and any other applicable regulations.

The Board of the Department is responsible for the following:

  • Approving the teaching plan for the Department for every academic course which shall include the subjects to be taught, the corresponding areas of knowledge, its programmes and the lecturers assigned to the subjects.
  • Participating in the procedure  for distributing the educational tasks of  the Department and coordinating,  in conjunction with the Vice Dean or Assistant Director  of Qualifications, the content of the programmes and other material containing information on the courses taught.
  • Supervising the quality of the teaching of staff members.
  • Proposing doctorate programs and other post graduate qualifications for the Department subjects, or in collaboration with other Departments, University Institutes or other centres.
  • Approving the annual education  and research report  and other reports submitted by the Director at the end of every academic year.

The Department Board is responsible for the following research activities:

  • Organise, coordinate and disseminate research activities carried out by department members.
  • Approve, if appropriate, the scientific activity plan.
  • Set up criteria for evaluating and supervising the research activity of its members, compile essential reports and propose appointment of the assessment  tribunals for  awarding doctorates.
  • Encourage collaboration with other Departments , University Institutes or centres or those of other universities, higher education or research centres.
  • Authorise as appropriate, contracts referred to in article 150 of these Standards and facilitate their implementation.

Composition (art. 57)

  • The Department Board comprises the Director who acts as Chairman and:
  • Innate members, namely all the professors and lecturers attached to the department and who hold doctorates.
  • Elected members:
    • A representation of associated and assistant lecturers who do not possess a doctorate, and visiting  lecturers and research fellows, which accounts for 15% of the Board.
    • A postgraduate student representative  registered on one of the doctorate programmes organised by the Department.  If there are no such students, a further member will be included from the representative group indicated in the previous paragraph.
    • Two student representatives from the first degree course registered for subjects taught by the department at the time of  their election.  When the selected representatives are no longer students, they shall be replaced by the next unelected candidate chosen by the remainder of the board.
    • A representative of administrative  and service personnel chosen from among those providing services in the Department.
    • A representative from the workshop or laboratory staff attached to the Department in the case of those departments where such personnel exists.