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ACADEMIC YEAR 2021/2022 (2nd semester)

1. View the courses. From December 9th

In this first phase you will be able to see the subjects on offer and the timetables. The available places for each subject will be shown on December 17th.

If you have selected two knowledge areas, you will be able enroll courses from all the Degrees integrated into them. Keep in mind that knowledge areas 1 and 2 are taught in Getafe Campus, knowledge area 3 in Colmenarejo Campus and knowledge area 4 in Leganés Campus.

Each course could have different groups and schedules. We recommend checking the timetables and rooms in order to plan your semester and avoid coincidences of courses in your schedule.

Do you have access problems? Send us an e-mail to explaining in detail the problem.


2. Selection period. From January 25th at 9 am to February 10th

Log in to the application and choose the courses and groups that you want to take:

  • The selecction period will open at 9 am.
  • The sooner you access the application, the more chances you will have to choose the courses that you are interested in.
  • You can select any group with vacancies that shows the application at the enrollment time.
  • We recommend having the courses and groups previously listed with alternatives if there aren't any vacancies in the courses that you want to choose.
  • Remember that degrees of the same knowledge area have similar courses. The application features a browser that can help you find them.
  • ACCESS TO THE REGISTRATION. (available on January 25th).Type your user number (100XXXXXX) and the password that you chose for your e-mail account. AFTER YOU LOG IN, YOU MUST SELECT "GESTIÓN DE PREMATRÍCULA".  


3. Payment. From February 16th​

We will send you an email when everything is ready.

The payment way will be by credit card through Internet.You will recieve an e-mail in your university account with the registration receipt and the  link of the safe payment website.

The payment deadline is 10 days since received the email.

Office: 9.0.41
Office hours: 10AM - 14PM
By telephone: (+34) 91 624936

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