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Anritsu VNA available for testing novel concepts


Date: June 4 th 2020
On June 4 th , with all sanitary precautions being taken, UC3M has received the VNA that Anritsu
dedicates to TERAmeasure project. This establishes UC3M as project test site where the proof-
of-concept for a new paradigm for high-frequency interconnections will be first demonstrated,
aiming to enable calibrated phase-sensitive measurements on a VNA over the entire
MMW/THz frequency range (30 GHz to 3 THz).
TERAmeasure objective is to overcome the current obstacles to better measurements, which
is currently limited by the segmentation of the frequency spectrum into separate bands (due
to the employed rectangular waveguide interconnect technology) and the decreasing size of
the interconnects at higher and higher frequencies. TERAmeasure concept is based on a non-
contact transceiver head that reduces the sources of measurement uncertainties, aiming at
replacing current rectangular waveguide technology and providing metrology-grade results
across the full frequency range. The proof-of-concept will be carried on this VNA at UC3M.
In addition, with this instrument, TERAmeasure starts the preparation of our planned
dissemination activity for graduate and master students with hands-on training sessions on
April 2021. We are looking forward to organizing our first high-frequency metrology workshop
in collaboration with Anritsu, UC3M and KTH. The goal will be to select graduate and master
student to provide bachelor and master thesis projects and involve them in science based
technological research to motivate them to pursue PhD studies