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Insurance Actuary

Official documents of institutions and bodies that refer to job opportunities available for various degree qualifications in the field of Actuarial and Financial Sciences specify the following:

"These graduates work as insurance specialists, administrative and finance managers,   experts in or heads of accounting and actuarial departments, stockbrokers and financial advisers and investment experts.  Graduates of the course will also be qualified for management positions in banking and insurance. Therefore, they tend to work in insurance and financial companies, in administration, finance or insurance departments of different companies, in advisory and consulting services. They may also work in teaching and research or as freelance advisers and consultants".

More specifically, graduates of the Actuarial and Financial Sciences course are specifically trained for the following:

  • Analysis, design and control of all kinds of financial transactions and investments, particularly those involving an element of risk. Examples: business investment projects, property investment, financial investment etc.
  • Analysis, design and control of systems for forecasting specific risks. Examples: insurance (life and non -life); systems and instruments for social provisions (public Social Security and pension funds and mutual insurance benefit funds); hedging systems in financial transactions (banking), and also in non-financial transactions.

In general, given their economic-financial studies, graduates will be qualified to work in any area related to management and administration of business companies.

This type of activity may be carried out:

A) In a private business, specifically:

In financial institutions (particularly, although not exclusively in departments or areas of a more technical nature):

  •  Insurance companies
  •  Pension fund managers
  •  Mutual insurance societies
  •  Credit institutions
  •  Finance institutions
  •  Securities dealers

In non-financial companies, in departments or areas such as the financial sector, risk analysis and management or general management and administration.

B) As a liberal professional, either individually or in association, assuming professional responsibilities. Some examples are:

  • General financial consultant (for example, investments, modes of financing etc).
  • Insurance and social security welfare consultant: general insurance, life insurance and pension plans.
  • Insurance broker (providing advisory services to consumers).
  • Issue of expert opinions and reports.
  • Other areas of economic and financial advisory services

C) In Public Administration, specifically:

Senior Service of National Finance Inspectors working in the control and supervision of financial activities:

  • General Insurance Office
  • Bank of Spain
  • National Commission for the Securities Market

Senior Service of Actuaries, Statisticians and Economists of the Social Security Authority.

Other public offices accessible to graduates of the Economic and Business Sciences Faculties.