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Mobility Coronavirus FAQ

� UPDATED 06/04/2021

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    The UC3M has indicated to me that I have already been nominated, I have contacted the host university, but they do not answer me

    Currently there is a great work overload in all International Relations Offices. Many structures have had to adjust to a remote work system that can delay response time.

    In any case, if the host university does not answer you, forward the unanswered email to or so that we can contact the partner directly and verify that there is no error in the recipient's email.

    I have been accepted by the host university for a mobility in the 2021/22 academic year, but I have doubts about the procedures that I must carry out from now on

    Although the current scenario is still quite uncertain, we advise you to carry out all the procedures for your mobility as planned: admission to the destination university and Study Contract.

    Remember that you must register your Study Contract in SIGMA before July 5, and that you must negotiate it well in advance with your TAI to avoid saturation of the system.

    Check the calendar of dates in the Study Contract Section in your Virtual Secretary. In relation to the possible costs that you may incur to prepare your mobility, we recommend you the utmost caution before making any payment (accommodation, visas, flights) because there are no guarantees of reimbursement of the expenses you make if you later decide or cannot make Mobility.

    ¿Podré irme de movilidad el año próximo, aunque tenga ya una plaza adjudicada y la aceptación de la universidad de destino?

    Las incertidumbres generadas por la emergencia sanitaria del COVID-19 hacen difícil prever con exactitud cuál será la situación en Septiembre de 2021. Las movilidades y ayudas para el curso 21/22 quedarán sujetas a las restricciones que emitan las autoridades nacionales, internacionales y a las disposiciones que adopten las universidades de destino.

    La UC3M y el SERIC trabajan para hacer viables las movilidades en caso de que la situación lo permita y por ello te aconsejamos realizar tu contrato de estudios (CE) y los trámites de admisión en destino. No obstante, te recomendamos no realizar por el momento desembolsos relacionados con tu movilidad futura (alojamiento, visados, billetes de avión, etc.) hasta no tener la seguridad de que vas a poder viajar a destino.

    What happens if I had a full course grant and my host university has canceled the first semester?

    In the case of full course stays, face-to-face mobility may be reduced to the second semester of the 2021/22 academic year.

    However, if the host university allows it , you will be able to carry out an online mobility in the first semester and a face-to-face mobility in the second, after confirmation with the partner university of these possibilities and always taking into account the possible difficulties that this may entail for adequate monitoring of on-line classes.

    Check the section What happens if the host university proposes a part of the academic course online and another in person?

    Remember that you must confirm this option with your host university and with SERIC to confirm that it is feasible. In addition, remember that no change of destination is contemplated once the place has been awarded.

    What happens if the host university offers a blended teaching modality, which combines some face-to-face classes and others online?

    You will be able to carry out your exchange mobility without problems, since to follow this type of combined teaching, physical presence on campus is necessary.

    You will receive your Erasmus + or MNE aid and you must justify it with your arrival and departure certificates, as well as your transcript of records.

    What happens with my Erasmus + or MNE grant if the host university proposes a part of the academic course online and another face-to-face (blended mobility)?

    It is possible that your mobility has a virtual beginning and then a physical phase (blended mobility, as opposed to blended teaching). You will only receive Erasmus + aid for the physical section of your blended or combined mobility. The Erasmus + project associated with the call indicates that it is necessary for the physical section to have a minimum duration of 3 months to receive the corresponding aid. Contact urgently with SERIC if the minimum duration of your mobility is less than 3 months.

    In case of application of force majeure, the physical part of the mobility can be reduced or canceled, according to indications of the National Mobility Agency (SEPIE)

    In the case of MNE , you will not receive help for the virtual section of your mobility either.

    What happens if I have to quarantine when I arrive in the destination country?

    You may have to carry out some kind of quarantine when you arrive at your destination or you may even have to be vaccinated. We recommend that you consult with the host University about the specific procedure that will be applied to international students upon arrival at the Campus.

    If you have to pass the mandatory quarantine period in your reception period, this period can be considered as part of your activity and will be covered by Erasmus + grant. 

    You must provide via the  "Extraordinary Erasmus + COVID-19 payments" form  a  document or capture indicating the mandatory quarantine time, as well as the  boarding pass  that proves that you were in the country in the indicated period.

    In the case of Erasmus mobility, is it necessary to take out private insurance if I already have a European Health Card (TSE)?

    Yes, it is necessary that you provide both a copy of the TSE and the proof of payment of your private insurance, both documents need to be scanned in a single document and upload directly to SIGMA.

    In the case of non-European mobility , what insurance should I take out?

    In this case, you must have insurance with adequate and sufficient coverage, valid throughout the duration of your stay to ensure health care assistance and repatriation, if it was necessary.

    In many cases, it is likely that the host University will oblige you to take out your own insurance as a condition for admission, or the insurance of the country necessary to obtain the visa, while in other cases you may have more freedom to obtain the insurance than you want, as long as it covers the above information mentioned.

    Does the university recommend any particular insurance?

    You can freely decide which private insurance to hire. However, the university has signed an agreement with OnCampus that covers all the necessary contingencies and with very advantageous conditions that you can consult at this link.

    What should I take into account if I am going to travel to the United Kingdom in the 2021/22 academic year?

    The decision of the United Kingdom not to continue participating in the Erasmus + program, within the agreements for the end of Brexit, has no immediate effect on the mobility aids of UC3M exchange students, for the academic year 2021-22. However, it must be taken into account that the conditions of entry into the country have changed and the new immigration regime is applied.

    You have up-to-date information on the effects of Brexit on your mobility in the section How does Brexit affect us?, which contains useful links to the websites of the Ministry, the Erasmus National Agency and a Note published by the uc3m in which the conditions of your mobility for the 2021/22 academic year are indicated.

    Do you have more questions about your Erasmus + scholarship?

    Check the FAQ page of the European Commission regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Erasmus + activities. Likewise, we recommend you to review the current regulations of the destination country and all information indicated by your university.

    ¿Si incurro en gastos extraordinarios relativos a COVID-19 como obligatoriedad de realizar una PCR o cuarentena obligatoria durante mi movilidad erasmus que debo hacer?

    Te aconsejamos que guardes toda factura y documentos justificativos que demuestren la necesidad de realizar una PCR o cuarentena obligatoria (ej: resolución BOE declarando la cuarentena, etc.) y el inicio de la movilidad (ej: billete de avión). Los días de cuarentena computarán como días de movilidad Erasmus y, por tanto, se financiarán.

    Una vez tengas toda la documentación, envíala a través de este formulario y te indicarán la forma del reembolso, en el caso de que fuera posible el mismo. Quedan excluidas de financiación los test de antígenos.

    ¿Me van a vacunar al llegar al país de destino?

    Dependerá de la normativa establecida por las autoridades del país de destino. Consulta previamente a tu movilidad la información relativa a COVID-19 tanto de la institución de destino como del ministerio de sanidad del país de destino.

    ¿Me van a vacunar antes de irme al país de destino?

    Este es el plan de vacunación frente al Coronavirus en la Comunidad de Madrid

    ¿Ya te han vacunado?, ¿sabes que puedes conseguir el certificado COVID digital de la UE?

    Este documento te permite viajar entre países de la UE acreditando de forma sencilla que una persona ha sido vacunada contra la COVID-19, se ha recuperado de la enfermedad o tiene una prueba negativa en las últimas 48/72 horas según establezcan los diferentes países. Si no tienes el certificado COVID digital de la UE, puedes viajar, pero el proceso de admisión es más lento y se pueden solicitar medidas adicionales, como test o cuarentenas. Este certificado es sencillo, seguro, fiable y gratuito, y puedes disponer de él en formato electrónico o en papel.

    When will I receive my grant agreement for my mobility in the 2021/22 academic year?

    Learning Agreement is one of the most important documents, as it contains the conditions of your scholarship. Usually, SERIC sends all learningagreements at the end of July. However, this year they will be sent progressively throughout the month of August and September, closer to your departure date or even when you are already in your host country.

    Even if you receive your grant agreement in August or September, this will not affect at all the payment times for your aid, which you will receive after sending the Arrival Certificate, as established in your Virtual Secretary. We advise you to frequently review the sections related to the Agreement and payments of your Virtual Secretariat, where you will find all the updated information on these issues.


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    What will be the teaching model applied by uc3m in 2021/22?

    Courses will start on the 6th of September with a teaching model based fully on face-to-face classes. Hence, the vast majority of courses will be offered on campus, while a very reduced number of courses (Humanities, interpersonal skills and some others) might be offered in a blended or hybrid format.

    This teaching model will be applied over all the academic year, but we will remain flexible and adaptable to ensure that things can be quickly adjusted should it become necessary. 

    At any rate, specific safety and hygienic measures for the academic year 2021/22, including the compulsory use of face masks, will be adopted and communicated at a later stage to guarantee the safety of all our students.

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