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Why use EpiGraph?. The use of EpiGraph in interesting from two different perspectives. First, it can be used by epidemiologist to perform large-scale simulations of influenza and COVID-19 propagation. Second, it can be used as a parallel benchmark to evaluate new architectures or optimization techniques. From the computational perspective, EpiGraph is a network I/O bound application written in C language and implemented on MPI. Internally, EpiGraph performs irregular memory access patterns related to sparse matrices used to model the individual interactions.

How to cite EpiGraph?. If you are using EpiGraph and you want to cite it, please, cite the following reference: Gonzalo Martin, David E. Singh, Maria-Cristina Marinescu and Jesus Carretero. Towards efficient large scale epidemiological simulations in EpiGraph. Parallel Computing. Vol. 42, No. 0, Pages: 88-102. 2015.

EpiGraph’s source code will be available soon.