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Speaker: Dr. Thomas P. Davis (Oxford Sigma)

Date & time: Thursday, 20th October 2022, 13:15 h

Venue: 4.0.E04 - Torres Quevedo building

“Neutron irradiation of ferritic-martensitic steels for fusion energy”

This seminar aims to achieve two objectives:

1) Provide the research findings of Dr. Davis’ PhD research at Oxford University in radiation damage of steels using atom probe tomography, nanoindentation, and electron microscopy to investigate: a) radiation-induced precipitation of nanosized Mn-Ni-Si precipitates (MNSP) and nanosized copper-rich precipitates (CRP), and radiation-induced solute segregation to dislocations in neutron and ion irradiated T91 ferritic-martensitic steel, and b) the effect of yttrium-titanium-oxygen (Y-Ti-O) nanosized precipitates on the grain structure and mechanical properties of Fe-14Cr-W-0.25Ti-0.25Y2O3 (wt. %) (14YWT) oxide dispersion strengthened steel.

2) How the application of his PhD has enabled the creation of a functional and successful company that is developing solutions in fusion energy in order to accelerate the deployment of the technology.

Dr. Thomas P. Davis is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Oxford Sigma, a R&D company that develops fusion materials technology whilst providing technical, materials, and regulatory support to the nuclear and fusion industry. Thomas has published multiple patents and research papers covering in-vessel component designs, materials development, fusion materials, and radiation shielding. He holds a MEng in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Birmingham and a PhD in nuclear materials from the University of Oxford. In addition, Thomas is an Honorary Research Fellow focusing on radiation damage of materials at Bangor University.