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Programa Avanza


The objective of the Avanza Program is to provide additional support to students whose academic results after the first semester have not been satisfactory. With this program, students can improve the situation in the reassessment. It is also aimed at students in higher years that run the risk of being forced to abandon their degree for non-compliance with attendance criteria. Each student can voluntarily join a study group led by another student from second year or above on the same (or a similar) degree. It is an important tutoring support that makes exam preparation more pleasant and helps to prevent getting discouraged while sharing experiences with course mates.

According to the degree you are studying, the Program has certain characteristics.

Check with your Centre for the participation requirements, for both being a tutor and if you wish to join a group and to be tutored.

It is really important to register.


  • EPS Polytechnic School
    Alumnos enseñando en pizarra

    Tutored student

    The Avanza Program is aimed at students on all Engineering degrees taught on both Leganés Campus and Colmenarejo Campus who have not passed any of the following subjects in the first semester (1st assessment) of their first year:

    • Physics / Physics I
    • Calculus / Calculus I
    • Algebra / Linear Algebra

    Each student that registers for the program will hold meetings with the assigned student tutors to improve their results in the subject. They will work in groups of various students from the same degree with the guidance and support of a course mate or course mate tutor.

    Registration period: open until 26th February 2019.

    Registration for tutored students


    Student tutor


    Students that have successfully passed the three subjects that the program is aimed at. Those that have the best average grades will be prioritised.


    You will be assigned to a group of students who have not passed one or more of these subjects. The course mate tutor should organise, guide and lead a study group with the assigned student body. The study sessions will be organised so that preparation for the rest of the subjects can be carried out simultaneously, both for the tutors and their tutored students. The student tutors will have a faculty tutor who they can ask for support and advice.
    Each course mate tutor on the Avanza Program will have to attend a training session lasting two and a half hours on Monday 4th March in Classroom 1.0.B01 on the Leganés Campus. This session will be divided into two parts. The first of which will develop the duties of the tutors and offer them advice on how to organise group sessions with their assigned students. The second will deal with leadership, teamwork and learning strategies. The course mate tutor should carry out a minimum of four group sessions with the group of assigned students and participate in the program until the end. After finalisation, they will be sent an evaluation questionnaire with the aim of assessing their participation in the Avanza Program.  


    If the tutors are considered competent in the performance of their duties, they will receive the recognition of three optional credits.
    The selection of the student tutors will be carried out by the Deputy Director of Guidance of the EPS Polytechnic School.


    Registration period: until 15th February 2019.

    Tutor registration

  • Humanities, Communication and Library Science
    Puños juntos por la cooperación en equipo

    Tutored student

    Tutored student

    The Avanza Program is aimed at students on any Bachelor’s Degree in the School of Humanities, Communication and Library Science on their second, third or fourth reassessment of any of the following subjects:

    • Principles of Economics
    • Economics