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Electronic Certificate of public employee

  • Description

    This certificate allows the realization of electronic signature by the personnel working for the government.

    Thanks to the signed agreement, the University Carlos III of Madrid, through Human Resources and Organisation service may issue these certificates or deliver the cryptographic card that contains these certificates to the employee.

    Características principales

    • Para identificación y firma digital como empleado público.
    • En formato tarjeta inteligente.
    • Certificado emitido por la FNMT-RCM.
    • Contiene tanto la información del titular del certificado como del organismo en el que ejerce sus competencias.


    • PAS
    • PDI


    • PC con lector de tarjetas inteligentes.

    Additional Information

    Certificates issued by the FNMT-RCM for staff serving government are Certificates Recognized as defined in the Electronic Signature Law 59/2003 and ETSI 101 456 standard and valid in order to perform electronic signature by staff serving public administrations and as defined in the Law 11/2007 of 22 June, citizens electronic access to public Services (LAECSP). 

    Certificate for Public Administration staff, is the electronic certificate issued by the FNMT-RCM which links its owner with a signature verification data and confirms also:

    • The identity of the owner, personal identification number, job title, job and / or authorized status.
    • The organ, agency, or entity of the Public Administration, whether be general, regional, local or institutional, which exercises its powers, serves or operates.

    You have all the information about this certificate on the FNMT website: Certificate attached to the administration or civil servants

    Electronic office

  • I want...

    Sign documents using the certificate of public employee

    You can use this certificate on Portafimas service to perform this operation. For more information see these service details here.

    Get a digital certificate attesting yourself as a public employee

    Remember that the service is bounded for PAS or PDI that require, due to the functions performed in the University, to carry out processes of identification and / or electronic signature as a public employee.

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