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  • Description

    Portafirmas is a centralized manager similar to ordinary e-mail, and it allows an easy electronic signature for the users. The final documents are electronically archived, which facilitates their conservation, custody and verification from Electronic Office of the University.

    The signed documents in Portafirmas comply with the requirements of the new administrative procedure laws.

    Service users can create signature requests (Redaction profile), sign applications (Signer profile), or both.

    Key features

    • Capability of signing documents from any location.
    • Availability 24 h, 7 days a week.
    • Capability of signing multiple documents.
    • Mails informing the signer when he/she has any pending signature request.
    • Mails informing the applicant when the status of the request is changed.
    • Simple access and use.
    • Capability of access to the historical signed documents archive.
    • Elimination of archives with equivalent validity.
    • Normative fulfillment.


    • PAS
    • PDI


    • Previous registration
    • For Signer profile users, the electronic certified is needed: DNIe, Physical Person Digital Certificate or the electronic certificate of Public Employee. 
    • Supported browsers:
      • Any self-signed browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome). 
      • Internet Explorer with Java applet.
  • I want...

    Using Portafirmas application

    Corporate portafirmas is restricted to those people whose claimant profile or signer, need to use it in order to perform their functions. 

    If you need access to the platform please contact us through the support channels listed. You can also fill this form.

    Obtain, use or install a personal digital certificate

    To access the signature inbox, you must have a digital certificate. In addition, it is also necessary to sign documents that are submitted.el working for the government.

  • Help

    Portafirmas v4 handbook

    See the different sections of the Electronic Office Helpdesk.