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Electronic Register

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  • Description

    Through registration, any citizen may submit a request for diverse content. The applicant has to specify, its personal data and contact, demand, request or requirement as well the organ, service or unit of the University where it has to be received, and where appropriate, all the documents needed. The General Instance process which can be found at Electronic Office is the telematic version for citizen’s Registration.

    Key features

    • Electronic Office UC3M.
    • Availability 24h, 7 days a week, compared to limited hours of Presencial registry.
    • In cases where deadlines are determinant, it will be considered the official time shown in the Electronic Office.


    • Alumnos
    • Antiguos alumnos
    • PAS
    • PDI


    • General public, related or not with UC3M


    • Supported browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer) and Java plugin, as detailed in the Electronic Office helpdesk.
    • Recognized user certificate (FNMT, electronic ID, etc.)
  • I want...

    Set my browser to submit an application for registration

    All applications must be signed electronically. Therefore, you must use a browser that supports Java plugin and have a personal digital certificate available for signing. Google Chrome has stopped supporting this plugin. Follow the instructions detailed in the Electronic Office helpdesk.

    Obtain, use or install a personal digital certificate

    To submit an instance in the telematic registry using the procedure "General Instance" of the Electronic Office you must have a digital certificate to sign your application electronically.

    • DNI-e: You will need a card reader with DNI-e software installed. The latest Microsoft operating systems could come with it preinstalled, is activated when used for the first time.
    • FNMT Electronic Certificate of Public Employee: Human Resources and Organisation Service can provide this certificate using a crypto card. You will need a card reader to use it.
    • Digital Certificate of Physical Person: FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) issues software certificates that can be installed in the browser, more comfortable to use than stored in physical devices. To obtain and use it for the first time, you can go to the Campus Information Point (PIC), to one of the many registry offices, or use the DNI-e to apply through internet. For more details, you can consult the own FNMT website.

    To send my written request, invoice, etc, to the appropriate destination

    All applications are reviewed by a handler. Still, if you know this handler, you can indicate the recipient who your request is directed to (person, unit, department, etc.) at the time of filling out your application.

  • Help

    See the different sections of the Electronic Office Helpdesk.