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Special measures COVID-19

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In this page you can find all the information about the measures taken at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) against the health crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).


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The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has launched an urgent plan for the transition from face-to-face teaching to online teaching in order to react to the new emergency situation arising from COVID-19.

Since March 18, teaching has been offered online thanks to the teaching tools that the University has made available to teachers and students:


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Below we present the admission issues that have been affected in some way by the COVID-19. To solve the rest of the general doubts regarding the application for admission, you can go to our FAQ web page:

FAQ Admission


πŸ’¬ β”‚ If I couldn't get my language certificate because of the COVID-19, do I have to wait to get it?

No, you can attach a responsible statement that you have the required language level for admission to the master's degree:


πŸ’¬ β”‚ I have not been able to provide the transcript of records, how should I proceed?

If you are unable to provide it because of the COVID-19, we may provisionally accept a capture from your electronic file, which you must correct as soon as possible


πŸ’¬ β”‚ If I resign to the master studies once I have paid the reservation fee, will I be returned the money?

No. The reservation fee will ONLY be returned in the following cases:

  • if the masters program is cancelled. In this case, a change of the reservation for another Master for the SAME academic year or the refund of the amount can be processed
  • in the event that the student is unable to take the Master's programme due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic



πŸ’¬ β”‚ Face to face teaching before the end of the academic course 20019/2020?

Due to the COVID-19 sanitary situation, the University decided to cancel the face to face teaching until the end of the academic course 2019/20, being guaranteed the online teaching. Please find the the online teaching guides and resources here.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ Where can I find the 2019/2020 academic calendar including the adaptation steps in order to finish the course?

In this site you can find the official academic calendar, besides, you will find trought Aula Global the particular information about each Master program in regards to online teaching and evaluation procedures.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ Can I request the justified exemption in case I am not able to attend either the ordinary or extraordinary call  due to pandemic COVID-19?​

It will be possible, using the electronic form which you will find in Aula Global (available application form for exemption ordinary call for 2nd term). It will be automatically approved in case you do not attend to the corresponding call.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ In case I am not able to attend any of the available calls, could I request the cancelation of the second term subjects? Could I request a tuition  fee reimbursement?​

It will be possible to request the cancelation, using the electronic form which you will find in Aula Global (online form for the request for the cancellation of the 2nd term subjects available). The mentioned cancelation does not implies the tuition fee reimbursement, because of the possibility of taking the online teaching, and the next academic year you will be able to enroll the subject on the “first time enrolled subject” (it means without any penalty).

In case you are granted with a MECD scholarship, you must ask the secretary of your program about the cancelation of any subject in order to be aware of the consequences of the cancelation.

The deadline for submission of the request is 22 May.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ How do I know if the subject evaluation system has changed due to the situation of​ COVID-19?

The Coordinating Teachers will update this information in the course sheets (published on the Master’s Website) of the second term before May 8, and you will be properly informed through Aula Global. If you have any doubts, you can consult the person in charge of your subject through Aula Global.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ How will the review of the tests be conducted?

The review of the exams will be done in a non-presential way on the day and time established for this purpose by the teacher.



πŸ’¬ β”‚ What happens if I can’t do my external internship or defend my master thesis?​

The deadline for external internships has been extended to 30th November, so you must make arrangements with your Master's academic direction to do so.

As a last resort, if you are unable to complete these courses due to the suspension of your classroom activity, you could make a cancellation request using the form you will find in Aula Global (cancellation request) and obtain a refund of the fees paid (only for Master Thesis and external internships).

If you have a MECD scholarship or any other grant, always consult your Master’s secretary before requesting cancellation in order to be aware of the possible repercussions it may have on the scholarship or grant.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ Is it possible to defend the Master’s Thesis in the 2019/2020 academic year without passing the external internships?

You can defend the Master’s Thesis in the academic year 2019/2020, as long as you have passed all the other subjects of the master's degree, except for the internship.

If you are a MECD scholarship holder, always consult your Master’s secretary before requesting cancellation to find out the possible repercussions on the scholarship.



πŸ’¬ β”‚ Is there an extension for the Master’s thesis defense period?

The June/July Master’s Thesis call has been extended to 31st July 2020.

September’s call has been extended to 15th October. Also, an extraordinary defense period could be implemented to 30th November. The Thesis deposit deadline for this extraordinary period of November will be October 31st.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ How can I get access to the library’s resources?

You can still having access to all Library’s resources online, and also contact them through their website


πŸ’¬ β”‚ Given that face-to-face activities have not been resumed, how will the defence act of the Master’s thesis be carried out?

Any student who is unable to conduct the defense in person may request the presentation and defense of the Master’s Thesis on a non face-to-face basis. For this purpose, the Postgraduate Centre will establish a protocol that regulates the procedure to be followed, guaranteeing in all cases the identity of the student, the publicity of the event and the interaction with the academic board.

The student must prove his or her identity in the act of defence. Therefore, if your identification number (ID, passport, etc.) has changed from the number you used to register for the master's degree, please contact the postgraduate information office or the administrative person in charge of the master's degree to change it.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ Once resumed face-to-face activities, if I am an international student who has returned to my home country, do I have the possibility to defend my master’s thesis from a distance?

Yes, a reasoned request may be made for the distance defence of the Master’s Thesis.


πŸ’¬ β”‚ If I have not been able to complete my Master’s thesis due to the suspension of face-to-face activities in the 2019/20 academic year, can I cancel my master’s thesis registration? Will the master’s thesis fees already paid be refunded?

Yes, it will be possible to request the cancellation of the TFM with the right to a refund of fees through the form you will soon find in Aula Global (online form for the request for the cancellation of the Master's Thesis).