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Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica

School of Continuing Education

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Profª. Dª. Gloria Camarero Gómez
1 curso académico

Abierto hasta el 19 de septiembre. ¡Últimas plazas!

Institute of Culture and Technology

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    The Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica is characterized by the diversity of content covering and covering all the pillars of the sector: PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, funding systems, exhibition, distribution, marketing, international sales, markets and festivals along with those relating to legal and business environment. It is also worth noting the international will the program, its projection abroad audiovisual context and the importance of companies and institutions that support it.




    Total teaching load is 70 ECTS credits and is organized in:

    Theoretical training:

    54 ECTS credits. Of these, 540 hours will be lectures, tutorials, workshops, seminars, roundtables, visits to specific centers and assistance to film and meetings with prominent personalities from the world of film events as well as the "Master Class" open. The remaining are for compulsory reading, data searches, solving practical cases, concrete work of the various thematic blocks and preparation of written tests. The theoretical training is divided into five modules:

    Legal and business module 15 ECTS
    Coord .: D. Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar

    The legal module is an approach to the main disciplines of law applied to audiovisual order a company manager knows the mismas.El module is addressed with theoretical classes which Parauna better understanding of the matters to be discussed case studies are introduced. On the business side fundamentals that should govern the economic and financial management of any organization operating within the film industry, paying particular attention to concepts from business economics, industrial organization, financial accounting, cost accounting and budgetary control they are studied . Coordinators: Nadal and Francisco Menendez Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar

    Module Production, Executive Producer and funding schemes. 15 ECTS
    Coord: Rafael Cabrera

    This module goes through all phases to which has to confront a film producer: from project identification, through development and focusing much on the stage funding and physical production of the project, basically since the birth of the film until it is shot and completed a technical level.

    International Sales and Marketing module. 12 credits
    Coord .: Rafael Cabrera

    In the marketing module we developed the look from the point of view of positioning, choice of content strategy campaign, and we know the
    teams involved in various creative and operational areas, functions, and all the possibilities that can be developed. We learn to look at the content from that point of view over narration campaign to distinguish public and develop messages for each of them. Learned concepts apply to international sales, both theoretical and practical

    Module distribution, exhibition, markets and festivals. 12 credits
    Coord .: Rafael Cabrera

    In distribution operation and structure of the distribution is studied, the various strategies Major vs independent, new forms of distribution and, above all, try to "lose" these more abstract concepts learned in the previous module, to take concrete decisions release of the film: number of copies, media buying, choice of date, etc. In cinema exhibition developments and changes undergone the same light pass analog to digital it is exposed. New windows operating and strategies
    programming in commercial theaters and cultural institutions as well as with regard to the conservation and management of audiovisual heritage. In the part of festivals makes a descriptive and analytical course of the most renowned film festivals nationally and internationally and markets policies related to them are explained.

    Practical training:

    10 ECTS credits. The student / a will have to perform 300 hours of internship in an institution or company in the sector, national or international. Unpaid internships are coordinated by the Directorate of the Master. They are mandatory, attendance and focused solely and exclusively on specific aspects of the management of the Film Industry. Students / as evidencing professional experience may validate practices provided the Board of Directors and approval of the Master.

    Master's Thesis:

    6 ECTS credits. Work supervised and guided by the coordinators and / or teachers program.

    Out program: Students will be invited to asit one of the International Film Festivals. Assess program management assistance between Malaga and San Sebastian Festival.


    El Máster cuenta con profesores, pertenecientes al ámbito académico y al ámbito profesional:


    • AUGUSTIN ALMODÓVAR . (Executive Producer and founder of desire)
    • OCTAVIO ALZOLA. (Cines Renoir)
    • IGNACIO ARMADA . (Instituto Buñuel)
    • PILAR BENITO . (Morena Films)
    • FERNANDO BONDIA . (Professor of Civil Law. UC3M)
    • ALVARO BOUNKAIB . (Abodado Uría & Menéndez)
    • JESUS ELAN . (Professor of Business Administration. University of Oviedo)
    • RAFAEL CABRERA . (Ex General Promotion Coordinator. Intituto of Audiovisual Arts and Sciences. ICAA)
    • FELIPE CABRERIZO . (Programmer Circulo de Bellas Artes)
    • CONCEPCION CALVO . (Professor of Film Company. Complutense University of Madrid)
    • GLORIA CAMARERO. (Director of the Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematrográfica.UC3M)
    • PATRICIA CAMPO. (Expert in project development. MECHANISM FILMS)
    • JUAN CARLOS CARO . (Executive Producer, Antenna 3 Films)
    • JOSÉ IGNACIO CARRIL. (CoPeerRight Agency)
    • JORGE CLEMENTE . (Professor of Audiovisual Communication. Complutense University of Madrid)
    • MANUEL CRISTÓBAL (Perro Verde Films)
    • JOSÉ ANTONIO DE LUNA . (Co - founder and Director of Business FILMIN)
    • JAIME ESTEVE BENGOECHEA . (Labor lawyer)
    • JORGE REY FELIÚ . (Professor of Commercial Law. UC3M)
    • FRANCISCO FRISUELOS KROME . (Council for International Education Exchange. Maine)
    • RICARDO GARCÍA ARROJO. (Executive Producer Antenna 3 Films)
    • CRISTOBAL GARCIA ORTIZ (Terrace Films)
    • MERCEDES GASPAR . (The Forge Audiovisual)
    • MICHEL GAZTAMBIDE . (Screenwriter)
    • MONTSERRAT GIL . (Director General of PARAMOUNT)
    • ISMAEL GONZALEZ . (Lawyer. Office Cuatre Casas Gonçalez Pereira)
    • ADRIÁN GUERRA. (Nostromo / Versus)
    • MARÍA DOLORES GUTIERREZ . (Insurance Brokerage Cinevent)
    • JOHN HOPEWELL . (Variety)
    • IGOR IBEAS . (Assistant Director General of AURUM)
    • SILVIA ITURBE. (Managing Director LATIDO FILMS)
    • ALBERTO JIMENEZ . (Comm. Manager FILMIN)
    • FERNANDO LARA . (Former Director General of the Institute of Audiovisual Arts and Sciences. ICAA)
    • AINHOA LEGARRETA . (Head of Media FOX)
    • RAFAEL LINARES . (Professor of Production. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)
    • ENRIQUE LOZANO . (Chief Procurement of the Sixth Television)
    • AGUSTIN LLORENTE (BO Country Manager Sales & Marketing. Kinepolis)
    • BARBARA MERINO . (Head of Sales and Programadora ALTA FILMS RENOIR of cinemas)
    • MARTA PASTOR . (Morena Films)
    • PEDRO MARTÍN CEREZO . (Director of Projects and Development of Audiovisual SGR)
    • ANGEL MELENDRO . (Director of Marketing. 20TH CENTURY FOX)
    • FRANCISCO MENENDEZ NADAL . (Lawyer. Master in Management of the Film Industry. UC3M)
    • TERESA MORALES DE ÁLAVA . (Magma Founding Partner Creativity and Strategy)
    • XAVIER PARACHE. (Gate Media)
    • CARLOS PEREZ. (Nostromo Pictures)
    • JESUS PRIETO DE PEDRO . (Former Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Archives and Libraries)
    • ANGEL QUIRÓS. (Production Manager, Mínimopro)
    • LUIS ANGEL RAMIREZ . (Executive Producer IMVAL Productions)
    • MARIO REAL . (Director of Film area RTVE)
    • JOSÉ LUIS REBORDINOS . (Director of Film Festival San Sebastian
    • JAUME RIPOLL . (Project Manager FILMIN
    • TERESA RODRIGUEZ DE LAS HERAS . (Professor of Commercial Law. UC3M
    • JACQUES ROLDAN . (Director General of TRIPICTURES
    • ANTONIO SANTAMARINA . (Spanish Film Library)
    • ALICIA TELLEIRA. (Production Manager)
    • DAVID TRONCOSO. (Director General of HILL VALLEY)
    • IDAIRA SUAREZ . (Manager Sala Berlanga, SGAE)
    • PAULA SUREDA . (Director of Marketing at TURNER)
    • JORGE TUCA . (Director of Development Tele 5 Cinema)
    • BELÉN USERO . (Professor of Business Administration. UC3M)
    • NURIA VALLS . (Nostromo Pictures)
    • MONTSERRAT VEGA . (Professor of Business Economics. UC3M)
    • VICTORIA FERNANDO LECEA . (Iberrota Films)
    • CHRISTOPHER VIDAL . (Natixis Coficiné)
    • NACHO VIGALONDO. (Director and Screenwriter)
    • SANTIAGO ZANNON. (Diretor)
    • CRISTINA ZUMARRAGA. (Production Manager)



      Qualifications required

      • University graduates with no experience in this medium but interested in guiding their postgraduate training to it. Especially, graduates from Business, Economics, Law, Public Policy, Communication, journalism, Humanities, Documentation and other degrees whose university training provide a suitable base.
      • Audiovisual professionals seeking a broad knowledge of the Cinematographic Industry Management , with any university degree.


      • The title given is Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica for students / as having higher college degree.
      • There is the possibility, subject to a positive report of the Board of Directors, of pursuing one or more of the modules independently. economic cost 2,000 euros / module. In that case, the student / a not obtain the Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica, but if a certificate issued by the Carlos III University of Madrid that proves you have completed the credits of this module or modules in the Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica.

      Selection process

      Applications will be selected according to:

      • Transcripts and / or work experience in the sector
      • Additional training:
      • Titles related to the Film Industry Management
      • Other qualifications
      • Languages

      The direction of the Master reserves the right to conduct interviews with the candidates it deems appropriate.

      Maximum number of students: 30.

      Calendar Application

      • Receiving applications until September 19, 2019, applications that meet the requirements will be accepted in order of arrival and said admsión is subject to the existence of available seats to be awarded to the most deserving candidates, experience and motivation
      • Master grant applications until July 12, 2019
      • Master grant aid October 15, 2019
      • Completion of enrollment up to 10 days after receiving the admission letter

      Sending request

      Those interested in studying the Master in Management of the Film Industry must submit the appropriate Application form   together with the following documents:

      • Copy of the full transcript (photocopy of academic degree or photocopy of the receipt of the payment of fees for obtaining the diploma and transcript)
      • 1 copy of the Curriculum Vitae
      • 1 copy of the identity card or passport.
      • Motivation letter
      • In case you have not completed the studies: Statement of having finished the previous studies

      Admission request

      The request is made electronically through our application.

      Steps to make your application for admission


      School of Graduate Studies
      Building Carmen Martin Gaite, Office: 18.1.C.02
      C / Madrid, 135-28903 Getafe, Madrid
      Telf .: 91 624 59 08



      Tuition amounts to 7,600 euros, payable in 3 installments:

      • EUR 1,000 reservation fee once communicated admission to the program
      • 3,300 euros with payment deadline on October 31, 2018
      • 3,300 euros with payment deadline on March 15, 2019

      Formalized tuition and started the course in any case the amount thereof be returned. Exceptionally, you can request a refund of tuition admitted during the first term, assuming unable to attend because of illness justified. In such a case it will be returned only 50% of tuition.


    Some of the professional opportunities directly related to the Master are:

    • Film production companies in various fields related to project development, business management and film production plan.
    • Companies marketing and communication in the audiovisual field responsible for coordinating activities for the promotion of films and concept creation of visual projects.
    • Companies engaged in film distribution nationally and internationally.
    • Promotion offices and control national film market
    • Institutions related to the film industry and the Film Academy Film Archive and Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts
    • Festivals and Film
  • AIDS

    NEW AID PROGRAM COURSE 2019/2020 (Deadline for submission October 14)


    The Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica whit the  Productora “Estela Films”, summons a grant of 2.500 € exemption from the tuition payment and the possibility of doing their curricular practices in Estela Films as long as there is that possibility, to Students who complete the eleventh edition of the Master's program.

    COURSE PROGRAM AIDS 2019/2020 (Deadline for submission Date July 12)


    The Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica in collaboration with the Institute of Culture and Technology at the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Studio "Desire" , announces a grant of exemption 2,500 € payment of tuition and the possibility of make their curriculum practices in El Deseo long as there was the possibility for students who take the eleventh edition of the Master program.



    The Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica in collaboration with the Instituto de Cultura y Tecnología de la Universidad Carlos III de Masdrid, summon aid exemption 2,500 € of tuition for students who take the eleventh edition of the Master program



    El Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica in collaboration with the Instituto de Cultura y Tecnología de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, summon aid exemption for former students, 2,500 € of tuition for students who take the eleventh edition the Master 's program



    • Face all the pillars of the Film Industry Management both from theory and from practice. To that end, it has a broad and balanced team of teachers from the academic and professional field.
    • Deepening the most relevant aspects, where most labor demand are concentrated, such as promotion techniques in foreign markets, marketing and sales, international distribution, financial management and BUDGET production or exploitation of content with new technologies.
    • Facilitate the student / market access to institutional or corporate work currently requires the management of the Film Industry and the conditions in which it does. For this, the Master has the cooperation and support of individuals, institutions and film companies, national and international prestige, which guarantee the external training of students and their professional integration environment.



    One academic year (October 2019 to June 2020). Over 300 hours (minimum) internship in institutions and / or companies.


    Monday through Thursday, in the afternoon (18:00 to 21:00) on the campus of Getafe of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

    Attendance at all sessions of the Master is mandatory. Truancy to 20% of the activity of the Master may involve not obtain the title.

    Organization , direction and coordination


    Instituto de Cultura y Tecnología. UC3M


    Dra. Dª Gloria Gómez Camarero


    • Dr. D. Enrique Villalba Pérez
      Director of the Instituto de Cultura y Tecnología. UC3Mand Director of the Máster en Gestión Cultural. . UC3M
    • Dr. D. Enrique Ruiz-Fornells Silverde
      University of Alabama (USA)
    • D. Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar
      CFO of El Deseo SA


    • D. Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar
    • Rafael Cabrera


    • Culture Ministry. Institute of Audiovisual Arts and Sciences (ICAA)
    • Spanish Film Library
    • El Deseo SA
    • Warner Bross
    • litmus Films
    • Morena Films
    • Films mechanism
    • Estela Films
    • Welaw Digital Entertainment and Business Law Firm
    • Bestax Lawyers and Tax Consultants
    • Center for Brazilian Studies
    • Yelmo Cines

    Insert Job

    The percentage of students who have found work after completing the Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica around 80%. Some of them have formed their own companies dedicated mostly to the production, distribution, promotion and international sales. This fact, been carried out, especially students from Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia or Mexico and they have in their home countries. Some of them have entered also work in the film industry centers such as the National Film Agency of Brazil (ANCINE), Institute of Visual Arts Bela Maré in Rio de Janeiro or production Media Bridge.

    Several former Spanish students from previous editions have been used in neighboring countries (Forum des Images in Paris). Others have found employment in Spain, in institutions and / or companies dedicated to the exhibition (Berlanga SGAE Chamber), legal and financial consultancy specializing in the audiovisual sector (Singular Law), producer (The Desire to Pedro Almodovar, Morena Films, Amiguetes Entertainment), International Festivals (San Sebastián), Promotion (Filmin), Communication (Suria) or programming (Yelmo).


    Carlos III University of Madrid has a Service Orientation and Career Planning (SOPP) with which the Master has established an agreement job search and career development to students.

    In addition, the university itself has alumni associations pursuing the same goal.

    Management and the Board of the Master, meanwhile, will also seek to facilitate access of graduates to the labor market. To do this, you have the help of the collaborating institutions as well as institutions and companies supporting the project and / or offer the same practices.


    ☛ Getafe Campus

    Virtual Visit

    More information Campus

    Edificio Carmen Martín Gaite UC3M
  • NEWS
    ¡X Aniversario!


    El 3 de junio de 2019, la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y Casa América se unieron para celebrar el X Aniversario del Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica referente en el sector.

    Bajo el título 'La coproducción España-América Latina: 2009, 2019, 2029', se celebró una mesa redonda en la que notables productores reflexionarán acerca del pasado, presente y futuro de la coproducción entre España y Latinoamérica. 

    El acto incluyó la presencia del productor Agustín Almodóvar (El Deseo), padrino de honor de la X promoción del Máster, quien fue reconocido por su relevante labor como productor de la cinematografía iberoamericana.


    X Promoción


    10ª Promoción del Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica junto con su padrino  de honor, Agustín Almodovar.





    • Gloria Camarero, directora del Máster en Gestión de la Industria Cinematográfica.


    • Félix Tusell, producer (Estela Films).


    • A round-trip. Morena Films and Latin American cinema, by Pilar Benito, producer (Morena Films).

    • Unaccented film, by Mariela Besuievsky , producer (Tornasol Films).

    • New dialogues to new realities, by Luis Angel Ramirez , producer (IMVAL Productions).