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Activities for Ukraine students

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Free Spanish workshops

Free Spanish face-to-face workshops available in June, which are planned to be a complement to those who are attending free courses offered by the Language Centre.

Also, it is an option for learning and practicing Spanish for those who can not attend the classes.

Specific training sessions

All levels

Students may ask the Language Classrooms, upon request by e-mail, to reinforce specific aspects of the language.

Once the proposal has been assessed, the interested parties will be informed of the session to be held.


Role play: Interaction in daily situations in Spain

Lower levels, minimun A2

By simulating real situations from daily life, students will practise different communicative activities of the language in an integrated way while expanding their vocabulary and improving their pronunciation.

The main focus will be on the personal, social and academic areas for their future integration into university. 


Language improvement

Hihger levels, B2-C1

Using real written, oral and audiovisual resources, students will be able to improve specific grammatical aspects while debating and arguing ideas.

They will work with current news, journalistic texts, short films, etc.  


Specific training sessions

Language improvement