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FAQ about Covid-19 in Bachelor Degree Studies in UC3M

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  • FAQ about Covid-19 in Bachelor Degree Studies in UC3M
Medidas Especiales COVID-19


1. Special waiver for COVID-19: For every course (first courses included), of the Ordinary Call of the second semester and for the Extraordinary Call.

2. Annulation of the registration: It will be accepted for any course of the second semester. The amount of the registration will not be refunded, except for the Bachelor Thesis and the External Practices in cases where they could not be completed.

3. It’s possible to maintain the enrolment for the Bachelor Thesis even in the cases in which other course is cancelled. Also, the defense of the Bachelor Thesis can be authorized if the 85% of the credits of the plan are passed.

4. Modifications of the 2019- 2020 Academic Calendar;

  • End of classes: May 22.
  • Ordinary call: May 25 to June 9.
  • Extraordinary call: June 22 to July 10.


5. Extension of the deadline for the finalization of the External Practices, Language tests and for handling the Bachelor Thesis for the 2019-20 Academic Year: until October 31.

In exceptional cases, the defense term of the Bachelor Thesis may be held until November 30.

Instrucción por la que se establece el marco de adaptación de las actividades docentes para la finalización del curso 2019/20


Ordinary Call

The exams will be held out on-line. With proper tools that will guarantee your safety. However, it’s also possible that the teacher of each course may establish other ways of evaluation (works, projects, case studies ...) as final evaluation instead of the exam.

When a final test is not foreseen in a course or its weight is less than 60%, students who have not completed the continuous evaluation process will have the right to take a test with a value of 60% of the grade. The value will become 100%  if the student prove to the teacher the impossibility to follow the classes for a justified reason. Among others, the following:

  • Illness of the student, or illness or death of relatives.
  • Lack of computer resources to monitor online teaching
  • Outgoing students who returned from their stay and joined the course with the classes
  • Students who have changed their enrolment in practices for that course.

Extraordinary call

The way of evaluation of the extraordinary call will be on-line.

Exams Reviews

They will be carried out on-line, on the day and time that each teacher establishes. If not possible, it will be done by email.


Will be the classes in-person restarted?

No, the classes will continue in their on-line version until their finalization.


Is it necessary to connect to on-line classes?

The classes on-line are considered in-person classes. Though in many cases they are recorded and published in Aula Global, so they can be also followed later on.

This option makes it easy to monitor international students who may be in countries with large time differences.



What it is going to happen with the continuous-evaluation? Is its value increased in all cases?

With the in-person class activities suspended, certain evaluation areas had been modified to adapt to the new situation. Teachers have been recommended to adapt to the evaluation criteria, so they can give the continuous evaluation more importance in the final grade.

Each teacher will report the status of their course.

Will there be face-to-face exams in the ordinary call?

No, the exams of the ordinary call will be online, with tools that guarantee the security of the tests. 

Will there be an extraordinary call? On what dates?

The extraordinary call will be on-line, and held between June 22 and July 10.


How can I request the special waiver for COVID-19? In what period?

You can request the special waiver COVID-19 on the following dates:

  • For the ordinary call for the second semester: from May 5 to June 11.
  • For the extraordinary call: From June 15.

In both cases, you must enter this application form. The day after the request you will receive an email indicating if the waiver has been granted, or if it has been rejected due to an error in your request. It is important that you review it, and that, if necessary, you request again the dispensation of the corresponding courses.

The waiver will be granted as long as you do not take the exam.

How can I request the cancellation of registration?

In the next few days a form will be opened to request the cancellation of the course. You can do it until the day before the exam date of the ordinary call.

Keep in mind that if you have been awarded with the scholarship from the Ministry of Education you will not be able to cancel your enrolment, since if you decrease the number of credits enrolled, so you would lose the scholarship.

I have asked a Free Waiver for a course, how can I cancel it to request the extraodinary waiver COVID-19?


If you have already applied for and granted the Free Waiver and the Extraordinary Waiver COVID-19, you do not need to request the cancellation of the first one. After the exam, the course will appear dispensed with the extraordinary dispensation, and you will keep the free dispensations that you had left.

BECAS (nuevo)

¿Puedo anular créditos sin que el Ministerio me penalice en la beca de este año?

A la vista de la instrucción del MEyFP puedes anular Prácticas en Empresa, Trabajo Fin de Grado o Trabajo Fin de Máster sin que se considere reducción de créditos a efectos de tu beca, siempre que la universidad no te hubiera ofrecido alguna alternativa para su realización o sustitución.

La anulación de otras asignaturas en las que estés matriculado no es posible ya que en todas se ha ofrecido el servicio docente o alternativas para su docencia y evaluación.

Si necesitas ampliar esta información, acude a tu Oficina de Estudiantes.

¿Me perjudica en la beca de este curso la dispensa de asignaturas ahora?

No te perjudica si la dispensa se refiere a asignaturas del segundo cuatrimestre o de curso completo que hayan sido objeto de “Dispensa Covid” (convocatoria ordinaria o extraordinaria) y tampoco si son asignaturas suspendidas del primer cuatrimestre que por los mismos motivos sean dispensadas en convocatoria extraordinaria.

¿Me perjudica en la beca del curso 20/21 la dispensa de asignaturas en el curso 19/20?

Sí te perjudica. Salvo que la convocatoria de becas del próximo curso disponga otra cosa, los créditos dispensados a los que se refiere la pregunta anterior serán matriculados por segunda vez al no haber sido superados y por lo tanto, no serán cubiertos por la beca.


I am doing External Practices and the company has closed, what is my situation?

It depends on the number of hours you have already completed.

If you have reached 50% of the hours necessary to pass the course, you may already be qualified. For example, if the subject of registered practices establishes a minimum of 300 hours, you will be considered approved if you have completed 150, regardless of whether the number of hours greater than 300 was stipulated in the annex of your practices.

If you have not reached 50% of the hours and your company allows you to continue practicing electronically, you will be able to qualify when you reach that percentage.

If you have not reached 50% and you cannot do them remotely, you can wait for the company to resume its activity, or cancel your enrolment and, if you wish, enrol another optional course instead.

However, academic tutors and vice-deans and degree directors may individually assess the situation of students who, having not reached 50% of the necessary hours, have met the expected training objectives and achieved the necessary skills. In these cases, and if they consider it convenient, they may request you to do some memory or additional work to complete the evaluation.

I have completed the correspondent hours for the course to be graded, but I want to continue them when the situation restarts, is it possible?

Yes, when the activity restarts it will be possible to continue with your practices even if they have already been qualified. In fact it is what we recommend from the University, whenever it is possible and the company authorizes it.

My External Practices are compulsory; in which situation am I at?

The situation is even with the Optional Practices; if you have reached 50% of the necessary hours, you will be able to qualify. If not, you will have to do the internships online, if your company allows it, or wait to re-join when possible. Keep in mind that the deadline for completing the external practices for 2019-20 course has been extended until October 31.

In this case it will not be possible to change the enrolment for another subject, since they are compulsory practices.


What happens with the internships in the EPS Engineering and Audiovisual Communication and Journalism laboratories?

Those that had not ended at the time the teaching was suspended will have to be completed through virtual projects or other remote systems. Each teacher will report on the adaptations of their subject.


¿Se van a celebrar las ceremonias de graduación en el mes de julio, como estaba previsto?

No, las ceremonias de graduación del curso 2019/20, previstas para el mes de julio, han quedado suspendidas.