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UC3M Expert Degree in Economics Regulated Markets

School of Continuing Education

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Prof. D. Álvaro Escribano
Two semesters
Madrid - Puerta de Toledo


Department of Economics

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    The Expert Degree in Economics of Regulated Markets is aimed to professionals or graduate students interested in an economic global vision of the industrial sectors. The goal of these courses is to permit students to gain enough economics knowledge of regulation applied to sectors such as Energy, Telecommunications and Transport.

    Language requirements

    Core Courses will be conducted in English.



    Experto en Economía de los Mercados Regulados

    The program is organized into two groups of subjects. In the first group there are three courses, each one specialized in a different industrial sector. The second group consists of elective subjects. All the courses are offered by the Master in Industrial Economics and Markets. To get the degree it is necessary obtaining 12 ECTS in each group.

    Group 1: Specialization Courses


    Economics of Energy I: General Aspects

    Topic 1: Relevant Economic Theorems
    Topic 2: Overview of Economic Issues on Energy
    Topic 3: Useful Econometric Tools
    Topic 4: Approaches for Energy Demand
    Topic 5: Energy Supply and Sectors
    Topic 6: Energy and Climate Change
    Topic 7: Energy and Growth
    Topic 8: Energy Security
    Topic 9: Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policies
    Topic 10: The Economy of Power Sector
    Topic 11: Power Markets
    Topic 12: Competition and Regulation in the Power Sector

    Economics of Energy II : The Spanish Case

    Topic 1: Perspectives of the Spanish Electricity Sector
    Topic 2: Generation: Electricity / Gas
    Topic 3: Iberian Market Operator: Market Processes
    Topic 4: The European Market Coupling in Electricity Risk Management
    Topic 5: Settlement and Clearing of Electricity
    Topic 6: Transmission and System Operation I: The Spanish System. Transmission and System Operation II: Renewable Energy Integration
    Topic 7: Transmission and System Operation III: An International Perspective
    Topic 8: Introduction to The Gas System/ Access to the Gas System
    Topic 9: visit to the control center ( CECOEL)
    Topic 10: The Spanish and European Gas System


    Gas System Operation in Spain

    Topic 11: Round Table
    Topic 12: Smart Grid Comercialization
    Topic 13: Tariffs / Distribution
    Topic 14: Closing Ceremony

    Energy Economics

    Energy Economics Program I

    Energy Economics Program II

    Telecommunications Economics I (6 ECTS)


    Introduction: Basic Concepts and Overview
    Introduction to Telecommunication Networks: Productivity, ICT and Firm’s Investment Climate
    The ICT scenario in the EU from an economic perspective
    Economics Aspects in the Telecommunication Industry
    Fixed Voice Communications
    Mobile Communications
    Broadband Communications
    Financial Aspects
    The Institutional Framework
    Regulatory Aspects of the EU
    Competition Policy
    The Demand Side, Universal Service and Consumer Protection
    Internet Economics
    Marketing and Communications Networks
    Social Networks and Communications

    Telecommunications brochure 2017

    Telecommunication Economics Program

    Transport Economics I (6 ECTS)


    Module I: Principles of Transport Economics

    This module reviews the major theoretical issues in Transport Economics, from both the supply and the demand perspectives. The main issues are concerned with transport activities, transport costs, principles of tariff systems, and the structure and organization of markets for the different transport modes. The last two sessions will deal with the financing of transport infrastructure projects including an introduction to Private Public Partnerships (PPPs).

    Module II: Transport Management Best Practice.

    Analysis of the different transport modes. Special attention will be given to all aspects of organization, economic, and technological issues that shape the sector in Spain.

       -Urban and metropolitan transport
       -Intercity transport
       -Maritime transportation
       -Air transportation

    Module III: Transportation Study Methodology.

    Transport Economics

    Transport Economics Program

    Group 2. Elective Subjects


    Choice of a Second Specialization course (12 ECTS)
    Seminars (6 ECTS)
    Thesis (12 ECTS)
    Cost-Benefit Analysis (6 ECTS)
    Choice of another Master’s course (with authorization the Master ‘s Director) (6 ECTS)
    See the Master in Industrial Economics and Markets program.



    Faculty from the Economics and Business Economics Departments of the University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) in collaboration with professionals of important firms are in charge of the teaching of these specialization courses.

    All faculty members of UC3M have Doctorate Degrees (Ph.D) from prestigious, internationally known universities, like the London School of Economics (LSE), University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), and San Diego (UCSD). The professionals collaborating in the program come from different public and private companies who share their invaluable experience and in-depth knowledge of the different sectors. This collaboration, so far, has included firms as Iberdrola, RENFE, Telefónica, Samsung, Red Eléctrica de España, OMIE, CINTRA, Grupo Alsa, NERA, Quality Systems España, Spim, FEDIT, Auna, Cotec, and institutions such as Consejo Superior de Cámaras Oficiales de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de España, Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones, Comisión Nacional de la Energía, and Comisión Nacional de Competencia.

    One of the key aspects for the success of these Expert courses is the quality and research experience of instructors and the continuous updating of the syllabus of the courses to incorporate recent economic policy topics.


      Periodo de Admisión: Abierto.

      Número de Plazas: 20


      Documentos que deben aportarse:

      • Solicitud de Admisión
      •  Curriculum Vitae
      •  Fotocopia de documento de identidad o pasaporte
      • Certificado de notas
      • 1 fotografía
      •  Otra información que consideres relevante.

      Solicitud de admisión

      La solicitud se realiza en formato electrónico a través de nuestra aplicación.


      Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
      Centro de Postgrado
      Specialist Degree in Economics Regulated Market
      Campus Madrid Puerta de Toledo
      Ronda de Toledo, 5



      EU students 4.000 Euros

      Non Eu Students 5.000 euros

      Reservation fee: 1000 € (Non-refundable and deducted from total tuition fees)


      One installment (4.000/5.000 €) before October 31th
      Two installments (2.000/2.500 € each), first before October 31th, and second before March 15th

      Fees for each Specialization course:

      Energy Economics (EE) I and II: 3.000 € (EE I: 2.300 €, EE II 1.200 €)*
      Transport Economics: 2.800 €*
      Telecommunications Economics: 2.000 €*
      * It is also possible to enroll in a single module of any Specialization course.


    This program offers a well-known accreditation of knowledge in economics of regulation applied to particular sectors (Energy, Transport and Telecommunications), which should facilitates your promotion within the company and improves your job opportunities in the near future. Most program speakers of each sector are high executives from the most important firms or well-known professors with experience in these sectors.

    Finally, since a large number of students work in firms of the same field, this Expert Degree offers a unique opportunity to expand your professional network.


    Additional Information

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    Centro de Postgrado
    Campus Madrid-Puerta de Toledo
    Ronda de Toledo, 5.
    28005 Madrid
    Telf.: 91 6249287


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