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Guide for Students

Guía Estudiantes

The main objective of this guide is to provide information about the measures necessary for restarting academic activity under safe conditions. We must be mindful that it is very likely that this activity will be carried out within a context where the virus is not yet controlled and there is still no effective vaccine available.  As it is highly contagious, and only a small percentage of the population have immunity, new outbreaks of the illness could occur.

To facilitate return to face-to-face activity at the University it is absolutely essential to adopt the necessary measures to limit transmission of the virus, taking into account the recommendations from the Health Ministry and Ministry of Universities to adapt academic year 2020/2021 to a modified face-to-face learning environment. 

This document and the indicated measures will be continually revised as new information is made available on COVID-19, and will be subject to directions from the corresponding authorities based on the pandemic’s evolution as well as recommendations from the most important national and international health agencies and experts.

All of the instructions found in this guide including those indicated for University spaces and specific University activities or, where applicable, external entities responsible for them, require mandatory compliance.


- Students with symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19

If students have symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19, they must stay at home, call their Primary Healthcare Center, and follow their recommendations.

If health officials confirm a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, the student must notify the University through the form on this webpage at the beginning of the academic year.

Those individuals who have been diagnosed with the illness and who have not completed the required period of self-isolation or are in house quarantine after having been in close contact with someone with symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 cannot go to the University until that period has finalized.

- Students at high risk from COVID-19

All the information on protocol for actions to identify and assess the necessary prevention measures for persons at special risk from COVID-19 in the University can be found on the Persons at Risk


- Measures to ensure a safe social distance and prevent situations of crowding

All the measures to ensure a safe social distance can be consulted on the webpage General measures.

- Hygiene and personal protection measurs

All of the steps for ensuring hygiene and personal protection measures can be consulted on the page General Measures.

- Use of face mask

Wearing a face mask inside buildings as well as outside on all the University grounds and premises is mandatory. Masks must be of the hygienic or surgical type.  Use of masks with one-way exhalation valves should not be worn.

Students must provide their own face masks.  

When wearing a mask, it is essential to properly adjust its outside and edges to your face.  If not, its effectiveness is greatly reduced, if not totally absent. All users must be aware that if there is not a perfect fit, the air you are breathing will NOT be filtered.

The following steps should be followed for the proper use of a face mask: 

  • Before putting it on, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based disinfectant.
  • Cover your mouth and nose while making sure there is no space between your face and the mask.  
  • Avoid touching your mask while you are wearing it.
  • Take it off from behind, without touching the front part.
  • Dispose your used mask in the waste bins for this purpose and wash your hands. 

At the entrances to the building next to the other waste containers, there is one for used masks.

You are not required to wear a mask if engaging in an activity incompatible with its use, such as eating or drinking.

Students who have some type or respiratory condition exacerbated by use of a mask or whose use is prejudicial to their health or a disability should go to their primary healthcare center to have their condition certified and then contact the Centro de Orientación a Estudiantes (Student Services Center) by completing the following form:

- Use of spaces

All of the measures adopted by the University in its different spaces can be consulted on the page: Specific measures.