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Undergraduate Free Mover students

free mover students


1-What is the Free Mover program?

It is an international mobility program for undergraduate students who want to spend a semester or a full year at UC3M.

2-Does my university need to have an agreement with UC3M?

No, It is not necessary.

3-When do the semesters start?

The academic year consists of 2 semesters. September to January (International students are able to move their final exams forward to finish in December), and February to June. On this link you can see the academic calendar.

4-What subjects will I be able to study?

You will be able to combine subjects of different Degrees, at your choice, depending on the places offered. There are 4 areas of knowledge. Each one includes a series of undergraduate studies and when you enroll in the Free Mover program, you will choose 1 area of knowledge.

You will also have access to the StudyAbroadProgram and Hispanic Studies Courses.

5-How can I enroll in more than one area of knowledge?

You can enroll in up to 2 areas of knowledge. In that case, you will need to make an additional registration with your second choice.In case you would like to add an additional area of expertise after the application deadline, contact us at .

6-What do I need to be admitted to this program?

You must be a university level student and have a minimum level of B2 in the language in which you are going to take the courses.

7-Do I need an official language certificate?

No. If you do not have an official certificate, you can fill in the responsible declaration that you will find on the website.

8-Can I access the Free Mover Program if I am not currently enrolled in a university?

Yes you can, since the only requirement is that you are a university level student. Admission is processed directly between the student and UC3M.

9-How do I apply for the program?

You must apply online following the steps on the website. The registration period opens several months before the beginning of each term. Updated dates are published on the website. The documents requested must be official and in Spanish or English.

10-I have made an application, but I have not attached all the necessary documentation. Can I rectify that?

You will be able to access your application again with your username and password as many times as you want to attach the necessary documents. 

11-How soon will I know if I have been admitted?

The waiting time is about 3 weeks. In case your application is incomplete, we will notify you so that you can upload the required documents.

12-What do I have to do to confirm my place and get my letter of admission?

Once you have been admitted, we will notify you by email and send you instructions to pay a reservation fee. This reservation will be deducted from the total tuition fees. Once we receive your reservation payment, we will send you your letter of admission.

13-If I decide to cancel my place for the Free Mover program, am I entitled to a refund of the reservation fee? The place reservation is only refundable if the cancellation of the program has been made by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

14-How many ECTS credits can I register for?

You can enroll between 6 and 30 ECTS credits per term. In case you need to apply for a visa to study in Spain, the Spanish Government requires students to be full time students. For this reason, you must take a minimum of 18 ECTS per semester.

15-When will I be able to choose and register for my courses?

During the months prior to the start of the course, you will be able to access the registration platform to see available subjects and places, groups, timetables, etc. The choice of subjects will be made online a few days before the start of classes.

16-Is it guaranteed that I will be able to enroll in all the courses I need?

You should have a flexible study plan and have alternatives since, although there is a wide offer of courses and groups, there may be cases in which some groups fill up.

17-Once I have registered my courses, will I be able to make changes?

Yes, enrollment remains open for several days at the beginning of the term, during which time you can make changes, both adding and withdrawing subjects. After the deadline stipulated on the website, no changes can be made.

18-How much does the Free Mover program cost?

The price for each ECTS credit enrolled is 130€, both for European and non-European students. For example, a 6-credit course would cost 780 euros. The tuition fee will therefore vary depending on the number of credits enrolled.

19-When will I pay my tuition fees?

Approximately 3 weeks after the start of the term. We will inform you by email.

20-What are the supported payment methods?

A single payment is made through a secure online TPV platform with a credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard). In case you have any problem paying online by credit or debit card, you can pay the registration fee in cash at any branch of Banco Santander or Bankia / Caixabank, by means of a document that we will provide you.

21-If I decide to cancel my Free Mover program, can I request a refund of the tuition fees?

Tuition fees are not refunded if the cancellation of the program occurs for reasons beyond the control of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

22-Will I receive a certificate when I complete my studies?

Yes, once you have finished the semester, you will receive instructions to download the transcript of records with electronic signature from the UC3M Electronic Office. You will have to pay a small fee to obtain it. If your stay as a Free Mover has been organized through a university with a Free Mover agreement, we will provide it directly to your university.

23-How can I validate credits approved at my home university?

You will have to ask your home university about this procedure. The transcript is usually sufficient for the recognition of the credits passed. If you need to provide the syllabus of each subject, you can download all the information on the website.

24-Does this program help me to be admitted to the university and finish my studies at UC3M?

The Free Mover program does not entitle you to admission to the university after its completion. If you would like to be admitted, you would have to go through the different admission channels for international students, or transfer of studies.

25-Is there any financial aid or scholarship for international students? UC3M does not currently provide any financial aid for this program.

26-How far in advance should I arrive at the university before the start of classes?

We recommend that you arrive at least one week before the start of classes in order to be well prepared and to be able to attend the Welcome Day event that Carlos III International School organizes.

27-Does the university provide accommodation?

The university has three fully equipped student residences next to the campuses, where you can apply for a place. In addition, the university website provides information on other accommodation options.

28-Is accommodation included in the price of the program?

No, it is not included.

29-Do I need health insurance or is it provided by the university?

If you are a European student you will need a European health card to have medical coverage. If you are a non-European student, it is essential that you take out health insurance with the company of your choice.

30-What support will I have during my stay at UC3M?

Before your arrival, you will be able to sign up for the Buddy Program and we will put you in contact with UC3M undergraduate students and other international students through our social networks.

For academic matters, also before your arrival, you will have the support of our academic counselors for international students. And, of course, during the course you will be able to request tutoring from your professors.

For administrative matters you will have at your disposal the staff of the Student Office of the Carlos III International School.

31-What is the teaching model?

The teaching model at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is eminently in person, with the exception of some cross-disciplinary subjects that are offered in a hybrid or mixed format, combining online and face-to-face teaching. Consult the teaching model for the 21/22 academic year here (available soon).

32-Can I change the dates of my final exams? 

It is possible to change the date of the exam only if there is more than 1 exam on the same day. In order to do so, the teacher must have this information sufficiently in advance.

Moreover, in the first semester (Fall), international students are able to move their final exams forward to December to finish this month. There is no such possibility in the second semester (Spring).

33-Can the exams be taken remotely?

he exams will be taken exclusively in person. Your teachers will be able to answer any questions you may have about the evaluation system.

34-Will I have a student card?

The university makes available to all students the downloadable Smart University Card in digital version for mobile phones.

Academic year 2021/2022

Spend a year or a semester studying as a Free Mover undergraduate student. No learning agreement between universities is needed.

With the Free Movers program you will be able to enroll most of the courses of our Degree offer. At the end of the stay you will obtain a transcript of records. 



  • Be a University student or meet the requirements to be admitted in a University in your Home country.
  • Register at least 6 credits.
  • In case of needing a visa to study in Spain, the Spanish Government requires the student to be full time, and therefore must make a minimum of 18 credits.

Application deadlines

Application for Fall semester and Full Year:

  • From March 16th to July 4th, 2021
    Classes start on September 6th.

Application for Spring Semester: 

  • From September 1st to November 29th, 2021
    Classes start on January 31st.

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